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The Story of Us

Everyone loves a love story. Whether the story boasts of great feats to preserve love or soft moments that lead to romance, we all just love love. Actually, one of the first things I ask my couples is how they met! To me, it is such a good way to get to know them and their relationship! I especially like when they both tell “their side” of the story! haha.


Josh and I get asked about our love story all the time. It’s just one of those questions you ask couples. Ya know.. “So, how did you two meet?” It comes up a lot! We love telling it {and we have our sides of the story too. ;)}. So, we decided it would be fun to share it with you! Now, I will warn you, it’s quite a ride. So, hang on and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Part 1: Formalities and Foundations

Part 2: Walking Through the Awkward

Part 3: Vanilla Twilight

Part 4: A Woman’s Intuition

Part 5: An Unexpected Twist

Part 6: The Broken Streak

Part 7: That Time We Almost Died

Part 8: Just a Kiss Goodnight

Part 9: Scream it from the Rooftops

Part 10: Brave the Skies

Part 11: More Than A Friend


Brave the Skies

In the midst of dating, Josh surprised Samantha by writing her a bedtime story.

Here is that story. <3

Extra points if you can guess who the characters represent. 😉


Once upon a time there was a little bluebird. Her mother encouraged her to stretch her wings and brave the skies. She would watch as her parents would disappear above the tree line to touch the clouds and dance in the sunlight. But she was afraid. She would tell herself, “It’s not for me. I am not meant to fly.”


She liked her nest and she loved to talk to the squirrels when they would play in the branches around her. She thought, “Maybe this is where I am meant to stay. I am not meant to fly.” She even decided to learn to walk and would descend the branches to play in the cool grass.


One day, she met another young bluebird. He flew into her tree and perched on the branch above her. He wanted her to come play. But she was afraid. She told him, “It’s not for me. I am just not meant to fly.” So he stayed there in the tree and they would talk.


Every day he would come and perch on the tree branch above her to see her. She began to trust him. Finally, he sang to her, “Come fly with me. Let’s fly. Let’s fly away.” She climbed to the edge of the nest and stretched her wings. Taking a deep breath, closing her eyes and mustering all of her courage she stepped out of the nest.


She began to fall. The ground grew closer every second. She straightened her wings and the air flowed through her feathers. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was soaring inches over the grass. Climbing higher, she passed the squirrels as they were playing. They had to take a second look, because they almost could not believe their eyes. Within moments she was ascending above the treetops.


Next to her friend, she combed the clouds. They danced in the sunlight. Holding his wings, she was brave enough to do anything. They disappeared into the bright orange sunset. And they lived happily ever after.


The Beginning



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