The wind blew along the Florida coast. The sunlit leaves swayed back and forth. Marissa tightened her grip on Cooper’s leash during her dreamy St. Petersburg engagement session. She smiled at John. This was it. This little family that they had built was all she wanted. And soon, she would be able to call John […]

A low cloud hung over the ocean. The sand met the water as it calmly lapped against the shore. Lindsey and Colby smiled as their goldendoodle, Astra, ran to meet them. Astra promptly greeted them with licks on the hands. They laughed together. Though their wedding was still months away, but it felt so close. […]

The sun kissed the stone pavers as Cydni and Scott walked hand in hand. Pillars and intricate, copper light fixtures lined the path. They had only been engaged a week. And, their smiles were inextinguishable. The breeze blew Cydni’s hair as she brushed it back. They continued to stroll the path during their Lakeland Engagement […]

The sun was rising as the waves lapped against the dock. As it climbed, the sky exchanged its dark blue hues for those of pink and yellow. The moss in the nearby trees swayed from the branches. And, the sound of laughter filled the air. It was early. It was very early. But, Hailey and […]

The wind whipped her skirt back and forth. The waves crashed against the rocks where she stood while the sea spray hit her skin. Her hand held tightly onto Dustin’s. With a soft smile, she leaned her forehead against his. It had been 15 years since they got married. And, so much had changed. They had […]

The rain pattered on the ground. The umbrella that Sam was holding tried to float upwards in the wind. But, he held it firmly in place. Personally, he didn’t mind getting wet. But, he held it there for a special reason. Ashley. He was holding if for their Downtown Indianapolis Couples Session And, as she […]

Water splashed as Kevin rowed the kayak across Elkhart Lake. He was headed towards the beach on the other side of the lake. The birds were singing in the trees that surrounded the lake, and the sunshine seemed to beckon him towards his destination. But, the sun wasn’t what was causing him to sweat at […]

The sun warmed her skin as she listened to the waves at her North Shore Park Beach Session. The ocean breeze was so refreshing on such a warm day. She smiled. She felt his lips press softly against her cheek. Although she loves the ocean, this is where she prefers to be. In the arms […]

The palms swayed in the wind. The sun was warm and the sand was cool. The sound of the ocean rhythmically soothed those who listened. Tony smiles at Alicia, and, then, he got down on one knee. Tony and Alicia got engaged on a beach in Clearwater. So, they thought it would be so, so […]

The sun had just gone down. Jiri was walking along with his fiance, his bride-to-be. They were chatting after their Rollins College Engagement Session. And then, he bent down and started taking off his shoes. To onlookers, it might have seemed strange that he picked that moment to take his shoes off. But, it was one […]

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