Couple kisses in sunlit garden.

The sun was bright and harsh. It hit the leaves of the trees turning them a golden hue. In the sun, the heat was sweltering. But, a cool breeze raced through the shaded walkways below. And, Chloe and Brenan walked through those paths smiling during their Birmingham Botanical Gardens Engagement Session. There is no better way […]

Man dips woman back at sunset.

The sunshine gleamed. Turning the green grass a golden hue. Cody held Kailee’s hand at their Railroad Park Engagement Session. Just a few months prior, he had asked her to be his wife. To spend their lives together. To be the best of friends through the blessings and challenges of life.   “He had asked […]

Couple walks through grassy field.

The wind whipped through the trees. Blowing fiercely back and forth. But instead of letting it dampen Jacy & Trevor’s Spring Engagement Session in Birmingham, they embraced it. They founds ways to work around it or use it to their advantage. Because, ultimately, they were getting married no matter how hard the wind was blowing. […]

Couple leans back and go in for a kiss.

Winter was coming to an end. The grass was still brown. The tree were still bare. But, a hit of warmth hung in the air. Spring was coming. As it always did. And Kaytlyn smiled at Grant, just as she always did. Their love as reliable as the seasons. And, as they walked together during […]

Couple kisses in marble hallway.

  The grass glowed in the sunlight. The sun was setting. And Callie’s sweet doodle, Millie, sniffed eagerly around the bushes. Callie smiled at her. She remembered when she first brought Millie to this park. They had just moved to Birmingham. And, Millie was just a puppy.   It seemed like a lifetime ago.   […]

Engaged couple smiles at camera.

The sun shone through the trees. Warming the grass in speckled light. Molly laughed. She leaned her head onto Trey’s shoulder. He smiled down at her. They had just started their Birmingham Botanical Gardens Engagement Session, and he was already making her giggle.   She wrapped her hands tighter around his arm. He was her […]

Couple looks at each other and holds hands.

The air was crisp. Empty tree branches swayed in the soft breeze. A mist fell lightly on the marble pavers as Aubrey and Michael snuggled under an umbrella. Their Birmingham Al engagement session was the perfect beginning to Valentine’s Day weekend.   Aubrey snuggled closer to Michael. He smiled. It was cold, but she was […]

Couple walks in front of cream wall.

The sun peaked through the heavy clouds. Reid’s hands wrapped around Sarah. The February wind blew gently. He held her closer. She smiled. They had just started their Huntsville Engagement Session, but staying close also helped them stay warm.   Reid smiled down at Sarah. She looked up at him with adoring eyes. He nudged […]

Man twirls wife in field.

The sunlight softened. Kissing the ground. Framing everything it touched with a golden hue. The trees and grass were drenched with the gorgeous light. And, so were Kaleigh and Andrew during their Railroad Park Anniversary Session. Kaleigh looked at Andrew. They had been husband and wife for five years. Five wonderful years. Andrew smiled back. […]

Couple plays with goldendoodle puppy.

The river stones shifted under Betsy’s feet. She smiled as she held Annie, the goldendoodle, in her lap. She looked at Mark, her husband during their couples session at Hummel Park.   She was so thankful for this little family of hers. A handsome, supporting, and adoring husband. And an adorable pup that loved (and […]