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Behind the lens, there is an girl who loves food, has a serious travel addiction, and who secretly wishes she was Joanna Gaines from the HGTV, Fixer Upper. So whether my husband, Josh, and I are planning our next trip, watching Netflix, or heading out for our classic cheesecake date, we are happily doing this thing called life in Central Florida.

hi, i'm samantha

Just a Central Florida and Tampa photographer who loves...

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I've loved twirly skirts since I was a little girl. And now, I love twirly skirts with *pockets*. If I have a twirly skirt on, you are guaranteed to see some killer spin moves. 

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Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal. So basically, I want to buy everything in Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and West Elm. Seriously.

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Josh exclusively wears bowties. Apparently, I once said that I liked them. He is now known for his trendy bowtie fashion. 

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Cheesecake is my favorite food. Except that I am allergic to eggs, gluten, and cow's milk. Oops...

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Josh and I only have cable from September to February.
AKA: Football Season

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Traveling is a passion of mine. Different cultures, lovely architecture, lofty mountains, and seaside villages call to me. And I must go.

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Even though I am from Alabama, I do not have a southern accent. However, I do say "Y'all" a lot.

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I really only have two modes. I will either dress up and look presentable or be in sweatpants with my hair looking like a hot mess.

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I have run a marathon. Don't get me wrong, I actually hate running. I do it so I can eat whatever I want. 

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Flowers are a weakness of mine. I usually keep fresh flowers in my house to keep my succulents company. Tulips and peonies are my favorites.

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culture & food

Josh and I spent 2 weeks driving through Spain. We started in Barcelona and drove down the Southern Coast. We stopped in all the major cities as we drove down. Once at the tip, we headed North through Sevilla, Toledo, and Madrid.

During our trip, we fell in love with the Spanish culture. Since we both took Spanish in High School, we somewhat knew what to expect. However, actually experiencing the sweet hospitality, beautiful architecture, and relaxed atmosphere, we were hooked. Annnd... we also ate our way through half of the country.

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My family and I went to Ireland when I was in high school. We spent about a week visiting different parts of the country. It was all so gorgeous, but the Cliffs of Moher topped my list during that trip.

From the first day in Ireland, I was hooked. The rolling green hills, stone fences, breathtaking cliffs, and beautiful castles captivated my attention. I don't think I have ever seen fields so green since. I dream of going back one day (and visiting Scotland while I'm already nearby).

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Okay, this is the only city in the contiguous US that I have included in this list. Why? Because it is my FAVORITE US city!!! Josh and I spent a few days in Charleston while moving to Florida. And, we will definitely be going back. It was the prettiest city I have ever visited in our beautiful country. 

So, the architecture is what sold me. Since I was born and raise in Alabama, Southern tradition holds a special place in my heart. And Charleston showcases tradition southern living and buildings. Josh and I spent hours walking through the streets looking at all the gorgeous buildings. Check out my blog if you want to see some of our trip!

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Josh and I honeymooned in Italy (thanks to my parents <3). Because we were married on December 27, we actually spent New Years watching fireworks at the Colosseum. And since that trip, we have a special tradition. On our anniversary each year, we have an Italian meal and reminisce about our trip. 

Everything was old. The streets were old, the buildings were old, and there were ruins everywhere. And I loved every. second. of. it. The stories that those cities told were magical. And it was unreal the amount of beauty found in the architecture and the culture. We desperately hope to return to Italy one day. 

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I have been to Hawaii about 4 different times. Each time, we go to different islands and do different things. The big island, Hawaii, is my favorite, and Maui is a close second. There are a few islands that I have never been too, so maybe that will have to be fixed one day. 

From snorkeling with wild dolphins to hiking on an active volcano, Hawaii has never been a disappointment. The tropical and exotic atmosphere just makes you want to do fun (and crazy) things! I mean, how many places on earth can you hold seahorses, hike to rare, green sand beaches, and wear insane amounts of sunscreen?

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I have been to a few places similar to Alaska. Yellowstone, Yosemite, Canada... But none of those quite matched what I experienced in Alaska. It is also the farthest North I have ever been. 

I don't have to tell you that Alaska is wild. But, friends, I didn't really understand it until I had been there. The mountains and lakes are gigantic. The animals (also gigantic) are cool with humans (aka: bears were just casually wandering down the street). It was a larger than life experience that I am thankful for!

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Josh and I want to go to Greece. It is at the top of our bucket list. We want to see the little white villages on seaside hills. We want to roam around Athens and other ancient cities. And we want to experience the culture and atmosphere of the country. 

I want to go to Greece because of #allthethings. I don't think I have just a couple of reasons. Everything I have ever seen or heard about Greece is amazing and it looks unbelievable beautiful. I'm packing my bags already, who wants to come with me?

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my story

I was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama and spent my childhood playing dress-up and watching a lot of college football. On my twelfth birthday, my Aunt Debbie bought me my very first camera. Is was a small, silver point & shoot. Immediately, I was in love.

In 2011, I met my other love, Josh, at a local college-age bible study. Josh and I (and everyone else) knew that we perfect for each other, so we got married in 2012. {Y'all, I planned a wedding when Pinterest wasn't popular and wedding hashtags didn't exist!} Before long, Josh knew me well. He would catch me staring and swooning at professional camera gear and would patiently listen to me as I constantly talked about photography. And, being the wonderful husband he is, he bought me a camera.

A month later, we moved from Alabama to Indianapolis. We quickly made friends within our new church family, and grew very close to many families there. They learned how much I loved photography, and they soon started asking me to take their portraits. I was overjoyed with the prospect of sharing what I loved with others! From there, I became a professional Indianapolis photographer and dedicated myself to loving my clients and providing an unforgettable and personal photography experience.

Now, Josh and I now live in Central Florida!! And I must admit, I have loved every second of being a Central Florida and Tampa photographer!! The sun, the beach, the cute seaside towns.... #allthehearteyes.... And my business is still centered on those same principles: genuine relationships and service. In my experience, knowing and loving my clients allows me to serve them to the best of my abilities. I adore being able to celebrate with my clients and tell their unique stories as they start new chapters of their lives.

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