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Your love is built on

You encourage each other & travel often.

Your wedding is
only the beginning!
You can't wait to start your marriage!

You are best friends.

Laughing together is your favorite passtime.

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Blessing faith-filled

marriages with joyful images.

Christ Follower. World Traveler. Cheese Connoisseur. GIF Lover.

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And way more than just a Birmingham Al wedding photographer with dreamy pictures! I'm your personal dress fluffer, posing guru, and wedding day hype squad if you want your wedding memories to be Christ-filledstress-free and joyful!


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a unique photography

Having a lifelong best friend to encourage and support you is definitely God's design! He has blessed us so much. And, I'd love to strengthen your marriage with wedding day memories & celebrate and support you two for years to come! 

a love for MARRIAGE

I've spent years creating the perfect resources and recommendations, so you can be confident and at ease on your wedding day. From photography timelines to my 68-page wedding prep magazine, I'm ready to make photography a no-brainer.

You want to spend the day focusing on your groom instead of worrying about how you look for photos. And, I do too! I'll easily walk you through poses, so you will  look AH-mazing, and you can spend more time focusing on your "husband" (Eek!)

effortless posing

Advice & Expertise

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The doors open. A smile breaks across his face. Your soon-to-be husband, is standing at the altar... Can you imagine the joy in that moment? It's one of those memories you'll never forget. And, thankfully, you'll have pictures too. 

Joy-Centered images

Emergency safety pins, an extensive styling kit, and a trunk full of clear umbrellas... I've even hemmed a wedding dress an hour before the ceremony (Good ole 2020). Girl, I've got you.

Organization & preparation

I am all about creating a stress-free wedding day for you! For real. If I can handle it, I will. No need to stress you out! From lighting to locations, I have everything under control. All you have to do is be in love, okay? 

Stress-Free day

"Samantha did an amazing job! She was so organized, so sweet, and so timely. Thank goodness she was because I did not stress at all the day of my wedding... She was my absolute FAVORITE vendor I picked, and I am so happy I did because I am already planning an anniversary photo shoot with her. I am so happy I choose Samantha because I will treasure my wedding photos forever."

Taylor and Luis

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