5 Light & Airy Color Palettes for Your Wedding

Wedding Color Palette Mood Board

Choosing a color palette can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your wedding planning! But, it also means narrowing down the 8 color palette options you are in love with! Amirite? So, I’m here to give you a few tips and inspiration boards for picking light & airy color palettes for your wedding!


3 Quick Tips for Picking Light & Airy Colors

– Use light, muted colors for bridesmaids dresses & accents. Light colors will naturally make your aesthetic and pictures look more Bright & Airy

White is always a good idea! Similar to the point above, white will definitely make your images look brighter! (From dresses, to decor, to the venue and getting ready room too!)

– If you want a darker color to make a statement, the guy’s suits/tuxes are a great option! Suits and tuxes are usually darker colors, so let those pieces be your balance and anchor for the lighter colored bridesmaid dresses!


Pretty simple, right?! But, it’s true! Soft, muted colors and whites will always make your aesthetic look bright and dreamy! And, using those tips will make a HUGE difference!!


Now, on to the fun part! Color Palettes!


1. Muted Blues, Grays, & White

Most skin tones look fabulous in muted blues! Plus, they are just so calming and beautiful!

Bright & Airy Color Palettes for Your Wedding

2. Gold, Rose Gold, Whites, & Black

Want to add a little sparkle to your day?! Sequin gowns and metallic accents are gorgeous!

Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration Board

3. Soft Pinks, Neutrals, & Greens

Soft, muted pinks are some of my favorites! They are so romantic and feminine. Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

4. Classic White & Black

Black and White. Such a classic pair. Black and White Wedding Inspiration Board

5. Lavender, Grays, & Sage

Lavenders and grayish-purples are so flattering and have such a sweet vibe!Lavender Wedding Inspiration Board

Eek! I hope you loved these light & airy color palettes for your wedding! If you would you like to see different color palette inspiration? Let me know!


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