Camelot Manor Wedding Venue Walkthrough

White, wedding pavilion at Camelot Manor

It’s time for the Camelot Manor Wedding Venue Walkthrough! I love this venue, so I’m so excited to be sharing the ins and outs of this property with you!

The centerpiece of this venue is the beautiful, white pavilion for your ceremony or reception space. The lighting here is always perfect no matter what time of day! And it is the perfect mix of clean, bright light (from the white) and the greenery that surrounds the pavilion. The rest of the outdoor space is occupied by manicured lawns and landscaping to make outdoor pictures beautiful. As well as large, wraparound porches.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted by an expertly decorated foyer and formal living room that open up into multiple large dining rooms. These spaces are perfect to welcome your guests as well as have a seated reception dinner. The groom’s getting ready room and food prep area are also located on the main floor.

As you head upstairs, you’ll see a lot of beautiful light coming out of every room you see. The huge, neutral bridal suite is the perfect spot for you and your bridesmaids to get ready. And it even has lots of seating, 4 vanities, and mirrors everywhere! Across the hall is bedroom for any extra getting ready needs. And finally, down the hall is a grand bathroom with double vanities and a claw foot tub. This extra large bathroom will accommodate lots of ladies and a private toilet.

If you love this venue as much as I do, head on over to their website here:


White, wedding pavilion at Camelot Manor

Cozy couch decorates the formal living room at Camelot Manor.
Ornate mirror hang in entrance of Camelot Manor.

Bridal getting ready room has seating space and vanities.

Bridal getting ready room has large vanity space.
Claw-footed bathtub sits at Camelot Manor.

Large vanity space has marble countertops and swivel chairs.
Cream couch and chairs sit in bridal getting ready room.

White lounge chair in bathroom at Camelot Manor.
White bed in getting ready space at Camelot Manor.

Claw-footed bathtub and double vanity at Camelot Manor.

Cozy corner to sit and relax.
Large mirror and vanity space in corner of bridal getting ready room.

Leather couch in groom's getting ready space.

Knight decor fills groom's getting ready room.
Pots hang from the ceiling in kitchen at Camelot Manor.

White ceremony venue at Camelot Manor.

Golden chandeliers on ceiling of Camelot Manor pavilion.
White wedding space at Camelot Manor.

Golden chandeliers hang in ceremony pavilion.

Chandeiliers hang in Camelot Manor's wedding pavilion
White beams and chandeliers at Camelot Manor.



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