frequently asked questions


Wedding Experience

If you would like, we can meet up or Zoom to get to know each other! Picking a photographer is such a personal decision. So I want to make sure that you feel like we are a perfect fit! We will also talk about what a wedding experience looks like and how I can best serve you!

If you decide that it's meant to be, I will send you a quote & contract to look over. From there, you can sign the contract, and make an initial payment of 20%. After that, you should be on the lookout for your Bridal Guide Magazine in the mail!

Every wedding in unique (which is a good thing!). But, you will receive around 1000 high resolution & social media images from an 8 Hour wedding day.

You receive a gallery of high-resolution images that can also be downloaded as “web-sized” images. (aka for Instagram, Facebook, etc.) So, the best of both worlds!

You can expect to have your full gallery back in 4 weeks from your wedding date! 

It is a 68-page magazine that goes over all things wedding and wedding photography specifically for my couples! Some of the topics include: Your Engagement Session, Sample Timelines, Ceremony Prep & Tips, Family Formal Lists, Portrait Locations, Rainy Wedding Days, Reception Planning, and more!

It’s a fun way to help you prep for your engagement session! It discusses how to choose flattering outfits for you and your fiancé, coordinating colors, choosing a location, time of day, etc! 

I make all of my timelines based on the sun. I want to take as many of your images as possible is dreamy, beautiful light (because that makes for dreamy, beautiful portraits)! So, the sunset is a really big factor in making the timeline. I also work with your planner/coordinator to figure out what would serve you two the best. Ultimately, you approve the timeline and make changes as necessary (it's your wedding!). I also have a sample timeline in my wedding magazine that I send to all my brides.

Yes! I WANT you to be able to print, use, and share your images! You can order prints right in your gallery, or you can print your images wherever you would like! If someone requires you to have a print-release, just let me know! P.S. You do not have to pay extra for images. You get them all!

For sure! You can add hours or a wedding album to your collection! If you have other requests, just let me know!

I usually suggest number of hours based on the number of locations.

Here’s the breakdown I generally go by:
1 Location (Including Getting Ready, Ceremony, & Reception) = 8 Hours
2 Locations = 9 Hours
3 Locations = 10 Hours

The more locations you have, the more drive time (which includes getting people and things in and out of cars) there is. So, it’s always nice to have some buffer time. However, these are just suggestions, not hard and fast rules.

Also, if you have something special planned that you want to make sure I am there for, just let me know and we can figure out your perfect timeline!

Absolutely! It's an easy and quick process to add extra hours to your collection! And, if you aren't sure how many hours you need, we can figure it out together based on your wedding day needs.

I try to make it as simple and secure as possible. So, I give options to pay through PayPal, with a debit/credit card (via PayPal), or you can mail a check.

Many brides are afraid of rainy wedding days, but you don't have to be! I have shot many rainy wedding days, and I always find a way to make sure brides have beautiful portraits! Whether that is using a beautiful indoor space, finding the perfect overhang, using my 7 clear umbrellas, or just embracing the beauty of your day and getting a little wet! (It's up to you what we do!) Ultimately, you will still get to marry your best friend and have joyful, emotional images that capture that!

Thankfully, that has never happened! But, if it did, you do not have to worry! Not only will my second shooter be able to step in, but I also have an amazing network of talented photographers who I can reach out to! That being said, know that I don’t just take “sick days.” Your wedding is not only incredibly important to you, it’s also incredibly important to me. And, I 110% want to honor my promise to celebrate with you!

Here’s the thing. I take care of all the posing! I will walk you through exactly what to do, but give small prompts that keep things fun and genuine! So, sit back, relax, and have Enjoy!

To by honest, 90% of my couples tell me this! For real. But, you could never tell in their AH-mazing wedding photos! And, it all goes back to posing! I know what flatters my couple’s bodies and I take the stress off of them by handling the posing! So, you just end up with joyful images that look gorgeous!

This is not uncommon at all! not only address how to prep your man in my engagement style guide, But, again, it all goes back to posing! After I show your fiancé a few images of him looking  awesome, he’ll relax! My grooms end up really enjoying sessions and the wedding day because of this! 

Ummmm… YES! Actually, about half of my weddings every year are out of state! Which is fine by me since traveling is one of my favorite things to do!

I do not have travel fees for weddings or engagement sessions in Alabama or Georgia. If your wedding/engagement session is outside of those states, I can make you a custom travel quote based on accommodations, drive time/flights, etc. My travel fees usually ranges between $400-$1200.

The engagement session is 90-120 minutes with 2-3 outfits, 2 locations, and a whole lot of fun!

I always monitor the weather leading up to your engagement session date. If there is over a 60% chance of substantial rain 24 hours beforehand, we will usually reschedule for a later date.