“To the cute guy at the gym with artificial legs…” Lindsey smiled. She tightened her grip on the microphone. Her family and friends sat listening as she stood before them. Colby, her groom, her husband, stood beside her at their Boca Ciega Ballroom wedding.   She couldn’t believe that those words had led her here. […]

Trees around the church had started to show hints of their gorgeous fall color. Soft sunlight fell through the windows of the Holy Rosary Church. And, the sound of music drifted through the hall. Krystyna took a deep breath. She and her father stood together. And in just a moment, he would lead her to […]

The sun warmed their backs as the cooler evening breeze rustled the trees. Summer was almost over. And, the setting sun reveled a few Wisconsin trees were contemplating a color change. Wendy’s hand tightened around Andy’s. They were now married, husband and wife. After so many years waiting for this moment, it was official. Tomorrow, […]

The summer air was warm. Music filled the amphitheater and gardens which were now shaded thanks to the clouds. Joseph re-buttoned his jacket. He steadied himself for a moment before walking down the stairs. He could see his parents, his family, and his friends. And, they were all smiling up at him as he stepped […]

The summer breeze hit Taylor’s face as she turned. The faces of her family and friends beamed as they clapped and cheered. She looked to her right. Her best friends were laughing and smiling along with the crowd. She turned to her right. Luis, her best friend, her husband, looked back at her. A tear […]

Music played as Tony and Alicia swayed back and forth. He pulled her closer. He could see everyone in the room watching as they spun in the middle of the dance floor. Sniffles could be heard from the wedding party table as he caught a glimpse of his best friends. He looked down to see […]

The ocean breeze blew through Sharon’s hair as she stood on the lawn. The setting sun cast golden rays on her as she stood holding the hands of Chad, her soon-to-be husband. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her family and friends sitting in the audience. Most were smiling up at […]

Jiri sat down. The smell of incense lingered around his seat. He could hear their sighs of happiness and cheers of congratulations fill the room. A smile emerged as he saw friends and family at his Hindu wedding at the Westin Lake Mary. And then, he looked to his left. There sat Asha, his bride, his […]

Hannah looked slowly around the room. Her best friend and sisters were giggling on the bed. Her wedding dress hung in the closet. The sea breeze wafted through the open balcony door. She took a deep breath. She wanted to remember everything. Because her downtown St. Petersburg Wedding was today. It was a dream that […]

She held her father’s arm tightly. She looked up at him. He smiled gently back at her. “This is real life,” she said. They started walking towards her beautiful Community Life Center Wedding.   Now, she could see the doors leading to the ceremony. She was about to get married to her fiance, her best […]

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