Jiri sat down. The smell of incense lingered around his seat. He could hear their sighs of happiness and cheers of congratulations fill the room. A smile emerged as he saw friends and family at his Hindu wedding at the Westin Lake Mary. And then, he looked to his left. There sat Asha, his bride, his […]

Hannah looked slowly around the room. Her best friend and sisters were giggling on the bed. Her wedding dress hung in the closet. The sea breeze wafted through the open balcony door. She took a deep breath. She wanted to remember everything. Because her downtown St. Petersburg Wedding was today. It was a dream that […]

She held her father’s arm tightly. She looked up at him. He smiled gently back at her. “This is real life,” she said. They started walking towards her beautiful Community Life Center Wedding.   Now, she could see the doors leading to the ceremony. She was about to get married to her fiance, her best […]

Tears wet his cheeks as he waited. As he tried to wipe them away, they were immediately replaced by more. He stood at the front of the room at his Valle Vista Country Club Wedding. He could see his family sitting before him. They were all smiling and crying, just like him. The anticipation grew […]

The best man stood at the center of the dance floor.The microphone sat solidly in his hands. The room was dimly lit for Lauren and Valentin’s Orange County Regional History Center Wedding. The bride and groom were seated at the sweetheart table behind him. The audience sat before him. And all eagerly awaited what he […]

This is one of my FAVORITE blog posts all year! The Best of Weddings and Couples 2017 is here! All the laughter, all the details, all the sweet moments! And even though it takes a long time to go through all the images, I have so much fun doing it! This year, I was able […]

  Rain rhythmically hitting the windows. Thunder rolled in the distance. And the sky was dark and overcast. But, joy filled the air. Laughter abounded. And smiles were given freely. Jenna and Robbie must have received the most luck ever for the amount rain that fell during their winter wedding at the Purgatory Golf Club. And the […]

  Troi and John’s Rose Gold and Burgundy Wedding at Guthrie Meadows B&B in Bedford, Indiana was a pure autumn delight! The ceremony and reception were both located on the property {which is unbelievable!} When you first arrive at the venue, you are greeted by a large brick mansion with white accents and a lovely barn! The […]

Meichi and Chad’s pastel summer wedding in Brownsburg, Indiana was a dream. Both the ceremony and reception were located at Chad’s childhood home. This intimate location made the day extremely special to their friends and family. Everyone felt so comfortable throughout the wedding which led to a very inviting atmosphere that allowed guests to truly […]

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