Monochromatic Winter Wedding | Molly & Trey

Bride and groom read letters from one another.

Rain fell from overcast skies. Running down the white columns and softly hitting the marble staircase. It was raining, but still a beautiful day for mid-January. And, it was the perfect backdrop for Molly and Trey’s monochromatic winter wedding.

Molly stood back to back with Trey. Sheltered by the awning as the rain continued to fall. They hadn’t seen each other yet today. But, they could now hear each other’s breaths. Both were given a handwritten letter from the other. Each letter describing how excited they were for the day ahead.

They read in silence. Molly gave a soft smile as Trey wiped tears from his eyes. They couldn’t wait to become Mr. and Mrs. And they couldn’t wait to see each other. They had been preparing for this moment for so long.

On the count of 3 they were going to turn around. To look at the soul they would pledge their life and love to in just a few hours. Anticipation grew. Both waited with baited breath.

1…2…3… Turn.

Molly & Trey,

What. A. Day. What a beautiful, joyful, and crazy fun kind of a day! You two have truly found your other half. The piece of your soul that was missing, but now is complete as your vowed to be best friends forever! I am so thankful for your joy and kindness! What a blessing to have celebrated with you on your wedding day!

Wedding rings propped up on invitation.
Wedding invitation suite sits with other details.

Bride and bridesmaids pop confetti.

Bride looks over shoulder at mom.
Bride smiles at camera.

Bride's dress hangs on mirror.

Bride puts on earrings.
Wedding flowers sit with shoes and dress.

Wedding invitation suite sits with wedding details.

Wedding rings sit together.
Closeup of bride's makeup.

Groom straightens cuffs.

Groomsmen help straighten groom's jacket.
Groom stands on steps and smiles.

Closeup of groom's wedding band.

Groom smiles at camera.
Groom straightens cuff links.

Groom reads letter from bride.

Closeup of groom's boutonniere.
Groom laughs while getting ready with groomsment.

Groom buttons jacket.

Groom stands on marble steps and looks over shoulder.
Groom sits on steps and looks over shoulder.

Lace detailing on bride's dress.

Bride reads letter from groom.
Groom reads letter from bride.

Bride and groom read letters from one another.

Groom wipes away tears during first look.
Groom starts to cry during first look.

Groom cries during first look.

Bride and groom cuddle under veil.
Bride looks over shoulder as veil blows in wind.

Closeup of engagement ring.

Veil blows around flowers.
Bride and groom kiss on white marble steps.

Bride and groom smile at each other.

Bride and bridesmaids smile at camera.
Wedding rings sit on invitation.

Wedding party smiles at camera.

Bride and groom smile.
Wedding party smiles at camera.

Closeup of bridal bouquet.

Bride and groom walk with wedding party in front of marble church.

White and black wedding invitation suite.
Groom smile next to groomsmen.

Bride and groom kiss under veil.

Bride laughs at camera while veil blows.
Closeup of bride's flowers.

Bride laughs with bridesmaids.

Bride and groom smile at the camera.
Bride looks over shoulder while showing off back of dress.

Closeup of wedding rings.

Groom starts to lead bride down staircase.
Wedding bouquet under veil.

Bride shows off back of dress on marble staircase.

Bride's shoes sit with wedding invitation.
Bride and groom laugh with bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Groom and groomsmen smile at camera.

Bride and groom hug and smile.
Bride softly smiles at camera.

Invitation suite sits with flowers and rings.

Brides shoes sit with flowers and wedding dress.
Bride looks over shoulder while standing next to large marble columns.

Bride and groom smile at camera.

Bride and bridesmaids laugh together.
Groom laughs with groomsmen.

Wedding rings sit with flowers.

Wedding invitation sits with envelopes and flowers.
Bride and groom walk together with wedding party.

Bride and groom hold son.

Groom and groomsmen laugh together at white church.
Groom smiles at bride.

Save the date card and other ceremony details.

Bride's perfume and wedding rings.
Bride laughs towards camera.

Bride and groom kiss while wedding party cheers.

Bride and groom kiss.
Bride smiles and laughs at camera.

Bride looks over shoulder and softly smiles.

Save the date and reception details sits with flowers.
Groom leads bride down large staircase.

Groom laughs with groomsmen.

Groom cries at bride walks down aisle.
Bride and groom stand at altar.

Groom places ring on bride's finger.

Bride smiles at groom during wedding ceremony.
Minister prays over couple at ceremony.

Wedding party prays during wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony.
White flowers at wedding ceremony.

White draping at wedding reception.

White flowers sit on wedding reception tables.
White draping and lounge area at wedding reception.

White draping fills reception space.

Wedding reception with white tablecloths and white flowers.
Sugar flowers on large white wedding cake.

Lounge area seating at wedding reception.

White floral centerpieces at wedding reception.
Wedding reception dancefloor with white draping.

Wedding reception table and chairs.

Floral centerpieces sit on reception tables.
A white 6-teired wedding cake.

Bride and groom are presented during reception.

Groom twirls bride during first dance.
Bride and groom dance together.

Groom dips bride at reception.

Bride dances with father.
Groom dips bride while cold sparks light up dancefloor.

Bride smears cake on groom's face.

Groom dances with his mother.
Bride and groom dance together.

Live artist paints couple during reception.

Bridesmaids dance together at reception.
Bridesmaid dances at reception.

Bride and groom dance together at reception.

Grandfather dances from wheelchair.
Bridesmaids and groomsman smile during reception.

Bride and groom kiss at reception.

Friends dance together at reception.

Bride and groom sing and dance with friends.

Couple dances during reception.
Bride and groom smile with son.

Bride and groom kiss while walking through cold sparks.


Fabulous Vendors for Molly & Trey’s Monochromatic Winter Wedding

Photographer: Samantha Webber Photography

Planner: Becky’s Brides

Venue: Jasper First United Methodist Church

Floral Design: Vera Flora

Hair Stylist: Hair and Makeup by Nat 

Makeup Artist: Hair and Makeup by Nat 

Cake Artist: Barb’s Cakes

Catering: Musgrove Country Club 

Videographer: Ivory House Media

Entertainment: Superior Sound Entertainment 

Rentals: Decor to Adore, On-site Productions, and PropHouse

Transportation: Coats Classic Cars and Rare Transportation

Live Painter: Watch Maggie Paint

Calligraphy: Amber Calligraphy

Wedding Gown Shop: Diane’s Formal Affair

Grooms Attire: Mr. Burch Formal

Groomsmen Attire: Mr. Burch Formal



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