Classic Auburn University Club Wedding | Olivia & Will

Wedding party surrounds bride and groom and laugh.

Clouds drifted through the blue, June skies. Birds whistled as the sun peeked through the tree leaves. The air smelled of freshly manicured grass. And Olivia and Will stood together at their classic Auburn University Club Wedding.

Each of their mothers held tightly onto their arms as they took family portraits. They looked at each other and smiled. They were surrounded by their favorite people. Their family and closest friends. All here to cheer them on as they became husband and wife.

“They were surrounded by their favorite people. Their family and closest friends. All here to cheer them on as they became husband and wife.”

But, it felt even more surreal. Because they would be starting their married life together away from all of their loved ones. Will’s new job would have them living on the East Coast. So, not only was this a celebration of their love. But, it was also the sweetest farewell.

So, they soaked in each moment with those that they loved as they said, “I do.” Vowing to love each other in sickness and health and to visit home often.

Olivia and Will,

Your wedding day was a dream. Every detail intentional and full of beauty. I am so thankful I was able to witness the joy you two, your family, and friends shared on that day. It was a night that no one will forget, and I am honored to one of those few. Here’s to the next 60 years of love and happiness, Mr. & Mrs. Anderson!

Wedding invitation spread out with flowers.

Wedding rings stacked up in front of flowers.

Bride and bridesmaids hold pink and white flowers.

Bride and bridesmaids smile in matching pajamas.

Mother of bride zips up wedding gown.

Bride laughs while bridesmaids help her get ready.

Pink and white flowers held by bridal party.

Groom holds lapel and looks off to side.

Closeup of groom's tux and boutonniere.

Bride and groom walk together down path.

Bride smiles at camera while bridesmaids laugh around her.

Multi-piece invitation suite sits with flowers and details.

Wedding party surrounds bride and groom and laugh.

Closeup of bridal bouquet and bride and groom.

Bride and bridesmaids laugh together.

Wedding rings sit in front of flowers.

Groom kisses bride as her veil blows in the wind.

Groom looks at camera while bride laughs into his shoulder.

Groom and groomsmen smile at camera.

Bride & bridesmaids hold pink and white flowers.

Bride looks over shoulder and smiles in front of trees.

Bride and groom smile as they look at each other.

Groom walks with groomsmen.

Groom smiles at camera.

Bride's shoes sit with flowers and rings.

Watercolor floral invitation liners.

Bride and groom smile at camera.

Bride walks with her bridesmaids as they laugh.

Bride and groom laugh while surrounded by their wedding party.

Closeup of bridal bouquet.

Wedding party stands in a line and smiles.

Closeup of wedding rings.

Groom stands with groomsmen smile at camera.

Wedding invitation suite sits with bridal details.

Bride smiles as bridesmaids primp her.

Wedding rings sit on flowers.

Bride and groom cuddle with trees behind them.

Bride holds groom and flowers while her veil swoops.

Bride and groom look at each other as they walk.

Groom laughs with groomsmen.

Bride smiles at camera with bouquet.

Bride is surrounded by smiling bridesmaids.

Invitation suite surrounded by flowers.

Groom snuggles into bride.

Wedding rings sit next to flowers.

Bride and groom stand together and smile at camera.

Groom puts arms over groomsmen and smiles.

Grooms look over shoulder and smiles.

Bride smiles with her bridesmaids.

Closeup of bridal flowers.

Bride and groom stand under trees and smile at each other.

Wedding rings sit in ring boxes on flowers.

Bride laughs with bridesmaids as they walk.

Bridal closeup with the bride smiling.

Bride and bridesmaids smile at camera together.

Bride and groom kiss as veil blows.

Bride and groom portrait with smiling at the camera.

Closeup of bride and groom smiling at camera.

Groom walks towards camera and smiles.

Groom dips bride for a kiss.

Bride looks down at bouquet.

Bridal shoes sit with flowers and details.

Bride and bridesmaids smile.

Closeup of wedding rings stacked up.

Bride and groom kiss as they walk.

Bride smiles at camera while bridesmaids laugh.

Groom and groomsmen laugh while hanging out.

Wedding couple kisses while veil blows in wind.

Bride looks over shoulder while showing off back of dress.

Bride and her maids smile at the camera.

Groom walks down path and laughs.

Grooms wraps arms around groomsmen and smiles.

Bride and bridesmaids stand under trees.

Bride smiles at camera while groom looks lovingly at her.

Rings stacked on top of invitations.

Bride and groom kiss on garden path.

Bride laughs with bridal party.

Main invitation suite sits with other pieces.

Blush and white flowers held by bride.

Bride and groom cuddle in field.

Groom smiles towards camera.

Groom and his groomsmen walk together.

Bride looks down at her wedding bouquet.

Lace detail on wedding dress.

Bride laughs as she holds onto bride.
Closeup of brides shoes.

Wedding couple and wedding party smile at camera.

Bride holds flowers.
Wedding couple smiles at camera.

Bride & groom hold hands at altar.

Wedding altar with floral installment.

Bride and groom pray during ceremony.

Bride and groom exchange rings.

Wedding ceremony in front of fireplace.

Groom dips bride for first kiss.

Groom kisses bride on cheek after wedding pronouncement.

Bride and groom cheer as they walk back down aisle.

Closeup of table numbers and floral arrangements.

White and blush reception tent.

Reception centerpiece flowers.

Bride and groom first dance on checkerboard floor.

Floral arrangements and invitation suites.

Groom looks at bride during first dance.

Bride smiles during first dance.

White wedding cake with cascading flowers.

Wedding reception tent with blush and white details.

White and pink floral reception centerpiece,

Groom laughs during first dance.

Groom dips bride during first dance.

Closeup of flowers on wedding cake.

Bride and father dance.

Lantern wedding reception centerpieces.

The groom and his mother dance.

Wedding invitation details.

Bride's father twirls bride.

Bride and groom kiss after cutting cake.

Wedding cake sits on cake table.

Bride and groom drink champagne.

Bride and groom smile in middle of dance floor.

Wedding guests cheer for reception entertainment.

Bride and groom kiss during wedding reception.

Wedding entertainment plays for guests.

Crowd cheers at wedding reception.

Bride and groom leave reception with guests cheering.



Classic Auburn University Club Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Samantha Webber Photography

Planning, Floral Design: Southern Posies

Venue & Catering: Auburn University Club

Hair Stylist: Hair by Sarah Grace 

Makeup Artist: Hair and Makeup by Erin

Cake Artist: Sonshine Wedding Cakes 

Entertainment: One Nation Party Band

Rentals: BBJ Linens and PRE Auburn

Transportation: Tiger Limo

Jeweler: Grogan’s Jewelers

Wedding Gown Shop: The White Room

Bridesmaids Attire: Bella Bridesmaid 

Groom & Groomsmen Attire: The Locker Room 



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