Closeup of bride and groom holding hands.

The train of Sarah’s wedding gown swept across the beach. Combing the sand with each step. She walked towards Henry. Her smile never waivered. And, his eyes never left her. Their Destin Micro Wedding was finally happening.   “She walked towards Henry. Her smile never waivered. And, his eyes never left her.”   After what […]

Bride and groom and engagement ring on flowers

The sun’s reflection glimmered off the lake. Small ripples sparkling as they moved. The leaves rustled in the same breeze as they swayed over Sarah and Mike’s wedding at The Sterling Castle. Mike smiled down at Sarah. She held his hand a little tighter. She smiled back. They had just finished their vows. And they […]

Bride looks over shoulder on Destin beach.

Christine’s dress glided over the sand. The delicate blooms of her bouquet rustled in the sea breeze. She smiled over her shoulder as she walked along the beach. Her Destin sunset bridal session was a dream come true.   Oooooh, sunset on the beach. If you are anything like me, you are dying to dip […]

Bride and groom kiss as wedding party cheers together.

Light bounced off the white stone stairs. Leaves rustled in the light breeze. A hush fell over the crowd. Kelly and Mike’s wedding at The Addison in Boca Raton was about to begin. The moment they anxiously awaited for years. Mike’s eyes turned towards the aisle. He took at deep breath. There was Kelly. Smiling […]

Bride and groom kiss at susnet.

The window light filled the room. Jessica’s mother slowly zipped up her dress. Jessica smiled over her shoulder. Her mother’s eyes welled with tears. The moment had come. Her baby’s blush and white summer wedding was here. As Jessica looked at her mom, her smiled widened. She was so thankful that her mother was here […]

White wedding reception.

The doors opened. Light bounced off of the white walls as music filled the air. Every guest smiled and clapped as they cheered for Carrie and Steven. Their white farmhouse wedding had been perfect. They were now husband and wife. And, the only thing left to do was to dance the night away.   Carried […]

Wedding couple smile together and walk.

The clouds darkened as the rain began. The chilled wind swirled through the alcoves of the property. The sound of water droplets echoed on the pavement. But, Lucia and Brent’s smiles never wavered. Even though their white and navy wedding was unexpectedly cold and rainy.   Because it was their wedding day. No matter the […]

Bride and groom walk together at sunset.

Ocean air gently blew through the table cloths. Toes were buried warmly in the sand. All eyes were on the dance floor. Sweet smiles radiated around the room as Karly and Kevin danced. Sharing kisses and singing along at their luxury Sarasota beach wedding. They had never been so content. Their family and friends were […]

Bride cries during wedding reception.

Smooth cobbled stone surrounded the lake. The water was still. The sun glimmered as it crept lower in the sky. A hush fell over the crowd. Bo could see Shanda. His bride. His best friend.   Their eyes met for the first time that day. Tears filled both of their eyes. Today, the day of […]

Bride and groom kiss while against white, brick wall.

Craig and Nicole stood on the dance floor of their Winter Park wedding. Their arms wrapped tightly around each other. They breathed slowly together as their feet stepped back and forth. The last song of the night played throughout the room. But, the room was empty. Their wedding guests had been ushered outside to await […]