Blush and White Wedding at The Sterling Castle | Sarah and Mike

Bride and groom and engagement ring on flowers

The sun’s reflection glimmered off the lake. Small ripples sparkling as they moved. The leaves rustled in the same breeze as they swayed over Sarah and Mike’s wedding at The Sterling Castle. Mike smiled down at Sarah. She held his hand a little tighter. She smiled back.

They had just finished their vows. And they knew what was next. The kiss. Sarah’s smile widened. She leaned into Mike. She kissed his cheek. The crowd giggled. She wasn’t suppose to kiss him yet. But, she didn’t care. He was her husband now. And she couldn’t, no wouldn’t, contain her joy.

From this moment forward, she would get to spend her life with her best friend. And she could think of no greater gift. The minister looked at them. He had just uttered those sought after words. “You may now kiss the bride.” Mike leaned in. He wrapped his arms around Sarah and pulled her in for a kiss. She kissed him back. What a perfect beginning to the rest of their lives.


Sarah and Mike,

The emotion that I witnessed on your wedding day is indescribable. Excitement, joy, and thankfulness were on your faces the entire day, but especially during your ceremony. Your hearts poured out to one another while you said your vows. And, I am so thankful I was able to witness it.

I pray that the Lord strengthen and bless your relationship as your marriage begins. And, my number one piece of marriage advice? Make sure you stay best friends. <3

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks! Here’s to the next 50 years!


Bridal shoes sit on pink tulle.
Closeup of engagement ring sitting on rose.

Steps leading up to the Sterling Castle.

Bride, mom, and bridesmaids laugh together.
Wedding dress hangs with flowers and shoes.

Bride and bridesmaids sit on couch and laugh.

Bridal boquet, shoes, and ring sit on chair.
Bride puts in earrings in mirror.

Engagement ring sits with flowers and ribbon.

Mom and bride smile at each other.
Close up of engagement ring in ring box.

Mother of bride puts in her veil.

Bride holds wedding bouquet.
Bride smiles as bridesmaids fix her dress.

Bride and bridesmaids smile together.

Bride looks over shoulder at wedding gown train.
Bride smiles at camera holding bouquet.

Closeup of bridal bouquet.

Bride looks down at bouquet.
Bride and bridesmaids laugh together.

Wedding ring sits on rose

Bride looks at camera while bridesmaids smile at her
wedding bouquet sit on chair with shoes and ring.

Engagement ring sits with ribbon and flowers.

ivy covered wall
Bride and bridesmaids smile at camera.

Wedding rings sits with shoes, flowers and jewelry.

Bride and bridesmaids smile together.
Stairs up to the Sterling Castle.

Bride and mother hug.

Bride holds pink and white wedding bouquet.
Bride and bridesmaids walk and smile together.

Wedding bouquets sit on couch.

Groom and groomsmen laugh together.
Groom straightens his bow tie.

Groom and groomsmen smile at the camera.

Groom smiles off camera.
Ivy covered walls on castle.

Groom straightens bow tie with hand.

Groom smiles at the camera.
Groom buttons tux jacket.

Groom smiles at camera.

Groom and groomsmen laugh at camera.
Grimm holds lapel and smiles at camera.

Groom and groomsmen hug and laugh.

Bride and father walk down Castle steps.
Cross with flowers at ceremony altar

Bride and father walk down aisle.

Bride and father walking down aisle.
Wedding ceremony altar next to Lake.

Flower covered cross at ceremony altar.

Bride and groom stand at altar.
groom looks at bride during ceremony.

Father of the bride cries during wedding ceremony.

Bride kisses groom on cheek.
Bride and groom stand at wedding altar.

Groom dips bride for first kiss.

Bride and groom kiss at wedding ceremony.
couple kisses at wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom walk back down the aisle.

Bride and groom walk towards Castle.
Bridal bouquet with pink and white flowers.

Wedding party walks across castle lawn.

bride and groom kiss in front of castle stairs.
Bridal shoes and engagement ring sit on pink tulle

Ivy covered Castle walls.

bride and groom kiss in front of castle.
Groom kisses bride on forehead.

Engagement ring sits on pink flower.

Engagement ring sits with pink and white flowers.
Wedding party walks in front of Castle.

Wedding party walks together in grass.

Wedding party smiles at camera.
Groom twirls bride in front of Castle.

Engagement ring sits in a bed of flowers.

Bride and groom walk with wedding party.
Bride and groom kiss near castle.

Pink glasses sit on reception table.

Reception flowers and chandeliers.
Bride and groom's table with flowers.

Pink and white cake sits on table.

Pink and gold table settings.
Pink and white florals at wedding reception.

Wedding reception flowers.

Reception seating with chandeliers
Flowers on reception tables.

Reserved table seating and pink glasses.

Pink drinking glasses and candles sit on table.
Bride and groom dance under chandelier.

Bride and groom lean in for kiss.

Father twirls bride during dance.
Wedding flowers sit on table.

Bride and groom dance with fog on floor.

Wedding cake sits on table.
Bride kisses father on cheek.

Groom dips bride during first dance.

Wedding guests dance.
Wedding guests jump during dancing.

Bride and groom smile as they dance.

Groom dances during reception.
Bride and groom waltz at reception.

Groom kisses bride on cheek.

Groom dips bride at wedding reception.
Bride twirls on dance floor.

Bride and groom kiss during sparkler exit.

Bride and groom watch fireworks.
Bride and groom watch fireworks.

Vendor Team for Sarah and Mike’s Blush and White Wedding at The Sterling Castle:

Venue: The Sterling Castle

Decor and Rentals: The Sterling Castle

Florals: The Sterling Castle

Hair and Makeup Artists: Raww Beauty

Cake Artist: Indulge Cakery

Wedding Gown Designer: Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Bridesmaids Gowns: White by Vera Wang

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Mr. Burch Formal

Jewelry: Diamonds Direct






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