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The wedding album process seems daunting, right?! This gorgeous heirloom that you will have for the entirety of your marriage, and you not only have to pick how it will look, but also all of the pictures!


Yeah, it seems like a lot of stress. But, stick with me friend because I’m going to walk you through my super streamlined process that will make creating your perfect wedding album a dream!


Step One – Initial Proof

In the week following your wedding gallery delivery or album purchase, you’ll receive an initial proof of your album! Eek! It will be filled with the best images from your gallery that tell the story of your day. Getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and reception will all be included in your initial proof. That way, you have a good base to start with. And, it’s sometimes a little easier to decide what you’d like to change instead of designing from scratch!


Step Two – Personalization

With your initial proof, I’ll also ask you to answer a few questions, so I can customize your album for you! You’ll get to pick if you’d like your album to be leather or linen, and what color you’d like it to be. There are 16 total colors to choose from, 8 in linen and 8 in leather. That way, you have enough diversity to choose the color that’s right for you, but there aren’t too many options to overwhelm you! I’ll also ask how your names are formatted and spelled for the album!


Step Three – Revisions

Once you view your initial proof, you will have two rounds of revisions. During each revision, you will choose any images to swap or layouts to change. So, if you really want your album to include a particular photo of you and your bridesmaids, you can just swap it for a different photo you aren’t as crazy about. But, if you just can’t decide what images to swap (because you love them all!), you can also add more pages! Many couples lengthen their albums when they want to tell more of their wedding day story in the album! Once you finish your first round, you’ll send me your revisions, and I’ll will make the changes to your album. You’ll review the updated album and start on round two! Once you’ve finished round 2 of revisions, I will make changes to your album and update you with the final draft.


Step Four – Album Delivery

After you have approved your perfect final draft, I’ll order your album! Hooray! You’ll receive your album in the mail within 3 weeks after you approve the final draft! From there, you’ll get to show that gorgeous album off to your friends and family for the next 60 years! <3



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