Story of Your Wedding that Will Last 60+ Years   Beautiful Way to Share Your Wedding Day     An Heirloom to Pass Down         Looking for more blogs like “Should I Invest in a Wedding Album?” Check out The Engagement Series or my Wedding Album Blogs!        

Have you ever had a chance to look through someone’s wedding album?   Wedding Albums are designed to keep some of your most precious memories and last as long as your marriage does (so 60+ years!)!         Looking for more blogs like “The Wedding Album Process?” Check out The Engagement Series or […]

Hey hey! If you’ve ever asked the question, “What’s the Difference in Your Albums and Albums I Can Buy Online?” you are in the right place! With so many options online these days, it may be easy to wonder what the difference is!   So, here are 4 benefits of having your album professionally designed […]

Wedding memories are different for everyone. They can be something you want to share with the world or something you privately hold close to your heart. And because wedding memories are different for everyone, the answer to “Where to Keep Your Wedding Album” will be different for everyone too.   So, here are a few […]

Hey friend. I’m just going to jump straight in today! No intro needed! So, here are 6 reasons to have a wedding album! Enjoy!   1. Timelessly Designed Story Wedding albums tell a story. Your story. The story of your first day of marriage. The story of the day you said “I do.” And, there […]

Bride touches veil.

  You spend so much time picking the right photographer, so that you’ll be in love with your wedding pictures. But, once you have them, what do you do with your wedding pictures? Here’s 5 quick and easy ways to start using and enjoying your wedding pictures!   1. Hang in Your Home This may […]

Wedding album cover options

  Not gonna lie. Creating wedding albums for my sweet couples is super fun! Not only do they get a cherished heirloom to keep forever, but the design process is so fun and unique for every bride! So, here are a few wedding album basics to look through if you are interested in an album! […]

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  Hey, sweet friend! Today’s blog post is all about the Samantha Webber Wedding Experience process! This quick overview is an easy way to see what you could expect as a #samanthawebbercouple!   01. Inquiry & Booking After you inquire, you’ll receive my pricing guide and availability for your day. Then we can jump on […]

The wedding album process seems daunting, right?! This gorgeous heirloom that you will have for the entirety of your marriage, and you not only have to pick how it will look, but also all of the pictures!   Yeah, it seems like a lot of stress. But, stick with me friend because I’m going to […]