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Hey friend. I’m just going to jump straight in today! No intro needed! So, here are 6 reasons to have a wedding album! Enjoy!


1. Timelessly Designed Story

Wedding albums tell a story. Your story. The story of your first day of marriage. The story of the day you said “I do.” And, there is no better way to share your story than with a beautiful book that tells your wedding story from beginning to end.


2. Display Your Memories

Whether you choose to display it on your coffee table or on your book shelf, your album is a wonderful way to display your wedding memories to those who visit your home. Enjoy telling your story as people flip through your album. (For more ideas on where to keep your wedding album, check out this blog!)


3. Personal Heirloom

I was recently looking back through my mother and grandmother’s wedding pictures. Guys. It was such a special afternoon for me. Looking at my family’s legacy. Being reminded of my deceased grandparent’s love and devotion.

And as I searched the stack of pictures from the past 70 years, all I could find were just a few snapshots of their wedding days. Just 1-2 memories. What I would have given to have an album of their wedding. To keep in my house. To remind me of how much they loved each other and how much they loved me.

Albums are more than a book. They are an heirloom to pass down. Memories to be enjoyed for decades. 


4. Printed Images of Your Love

I don’t know about you, but I have wayyyyyy more pictures on my phone that I have printed. So, when I get pictures printed, they are extra special. They are physical reminders of the people I love.


5. Durable Keepsake

Professionally printed wedding albums are designed to last the test of time. Just like your marriage. So that you can enjoy it, show it off, and pass it down one day. (Learn more about my couple’s albums and how they are printed, visit this blog and this one too!)


6. Relive the Beginning of Your Marriage

I’m sure someone has told you about how hard marriage is by now. But, let me just give a caveat. Marriage doesn’t have to be hard. If you are continually drawing back to the love of God and the reasons you fell in love, marriage isn’t hard. You will still have to work to become the best you can be. But, it will be a joy to do so with your best friend!

And, an album is a beautiful reminder that will be a continual reminder of your commitment and the reason you fell in love.



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