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Wedding memories are different for everyone. They can be something you want to share with the world or something you privately hold close to your heart. And because wedding memories are different for everyone, the answer to “Where to Keep Your Wedding Album” will be different for everyone too.


So, here are a few options of where people commonly keep their albums. I hope you find the best place for you two!


1. The Coffee Table

If you’d love to share your love story with those who come into your home, your coffee table is the perfect place to display your album! I definitely thumb through coffee table wedding albums when I can! I love to look through them and get to know the couple better!


2. Your Bedroom

If you would love to get snuggle up on rainy Sunday afternoons and look through your album, you might consider keeping your album in your bedroom. You can get cozy and reminisce on the day your marriage began!


3. Your Purse

No, I’m not talking about lugging your 12×12 album to Target in your purse. (But if you want to do that, go for it!) There are actually mini albums that you can get, so that you can bring those memories everywhere! These cute, little 5×5 albums are an exact copy of your larger album, and they are perfect to put in your purse and show off on the go!


4. A Memory Box

If you are a little more private and would like to keep all of your wedding keepsakes in one place, a memory box may be the answer for you! Not only will it be kept safe and sound, but it will compliment all of your other wedding paraphernalia.


5. The Bookshelf

This option is somewhere in between the coffee table and a memory box! Your album can be easily accessed to show off to any guests, but it’s not out all of the time. You may also prefer this option if you have little ones running around some day!



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