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Bride looks over shoulder by lake at sunset.

Your wedding day is getting closer. Your gown is in the final fittings. And your wedding checklist is somehow getting shorter and longer at the same time. But, you may be asking: When should I schedule bridal portraits? How far away from the wedding should I scheduled them? What time of day is best?

If you have been asking any of those questions, girl, I’ve got you covered. Here are 3 quick tips on when you shoulder schedule bridal portraits!


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1. About A Month Before Your Wedding

You’ll want to schedule your bridal session after your final dress fitting. Since that final fitting is usually is closer to your wedding date, your bridal portraits will naturally fall around that time too! That way, your dress fits perfectly for the portraits! (And you don’t have to keep the portraits a secret for too long!)



Bride holds flowers on wedding day.

2. 1-2 Hours Before Sunset

The dreamiest light for any portraits is either at sunrise and sunset. And, I’ll willing to guess you aren’t down for getting up at 3am for bridal portraits. So, an hour or two before sunset is perfect! The light becomes golden and soft on your skin. Here’s a link to a sunset calendar, so you can see about what time you’ll need to start! It’ll be worth it! I promise.



Bride looks over shoulder by lake at sunset.

3. On the Same Day as Your Hair and Makeup Trial

Hey, if you are going to get a hair and makeup anyways, you might as well put it to good use! Getting your hair and makeup professionally done will not only level up your bridal portraits, but it will allow you to see your complete bridal look before the wedding! *cue the happy tears*



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