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You spend so much time picking the right photographer, so that you’ll be in love with your wedding pictures. But, once you have them, what do you do with your wedding pictures?

Here’s 5 quick and easy ways to start using and enjoying your wedding pictures!


1. Hang in Your Home

This may be the most obvious, but it is easy to put off printing photos! (I’m so guilty of this!) So, once you get your wedding pictures, pick your favorites and send them off to get printed!

My Favorite Place to Print Pictures


2. Send Thank you cards

This is such a sweet way to thank your wedding guests! Use 1-3 of your favorite photos on custom thank you cards to celebrate your marriage! You’ll make it onto the fridge, I promise! 😉


3. Create a Wedding Album

There are so many ways to create a wedding album! So whether you use your photographer or an online resource, wedding albums are worth the investment! This beautiful heirloom will be a constant reminder of the beginning of your marriage, and it can be passed down for generations.

All About Wedding Albums


4. Gift them to family

Your family will love these images just as much as you do! The Christmas after Josh and I got married, we gifted our parents with 11×14 prints of our wedding as well as a small wedding album. They are still displayed in their homes to this day.


5. Put in your office

A sweet daily reminder that you are blessed enough to be married to your best friend! Whether you work in town or from home, buy some frames and start decorating your office space! It will brighten the space and your day!



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