Have you ever had a chance to look through someone’s wedding album?   Wedding Albums are designed to keep some of your most precious memories and last as long as your marriage does (so 60+ years!)!         Looking for more blogs like “The Wedding Album Process?” Check out The Engagement Series or […]

Bride touches veil.

  You spend so much time picking the right photographer, so that you’ll be in love with your wedding pictures. But, once you have them, what do you do with your wedding pictures? Here’s 5 quick and easy ways to start using and enjoying your wedding pictures!   1. Hang in Your Home This may […]

Bride and groom vows.

Ooh friends! This is a crazy blog post to be on a photography website, but building a strong and fulfilling relationship with your significant other is just too important! And, these are some of the best resources my husband and I have used over the past 8 years! They’ve not only helped us learn to […]

Dulinn on York Living Room in Savannah Georgia

Building a house is exciting! You get to choose all of the color palettes, design features, and the floor plan! But, as Josh and I learned when building our first house, there was a lot we didn’t know! So, I wanted to take some of the best advice we received (and lessons we learned by […]

Couple lays on blanket.

Date nights at home can be so relaxing and needed! But, sometimes we can just end up watching Netflix all night instead of spending quality time together! So, here are a few ideas for some amazing date nights at home!   P.S. None of these links are ads. I’m definitely not cool enough for that! […]

Tampa bride and bridesmaids hold bouquets.

Weddings can be high stress situations or they can be easy, relaxed, and fun! And one of the biggest contributing factors to this is preparation. I don’t know if you are like me, but it seems the more prepared I am, the less likely it is for something bad to happen. For real. If I […]