8 Amazing Date Nights at Home

Couple lays on blanket.

Date nights at home can be so relaxing and needed! But, sometimes we can just end up watching Netflix all night instead of spending quality time together! So, here are a few ideas for some amazing date nights at home!


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1. Escape Room Board Game

You heard me right! There are escape room board games! Josh and I just bought this one (Exit: The Abandoned Cabin), and we are so excited to try it! There are a ton of options online, so pick one that looks fun for you two!


2. Pretend Cooking Show

Pick a dish, gather your ingredients, and push record on your phone! Have fun narrating your “pretend cooking show,” and laugh for the rest of the night as you re-watch and challenge your friends to do the same!


3. To-Go Restaurant Tasting

Almost every restaurant offers to-go orders now. But, to make it interesting, pick a different restaurant for the appetizer, main course, and dessert! And for an added twist, pick three restaurants with completely different cuisine styles (i.e. Italian, Thai, and Mexican) (I totally feel like this is a Lorelai Gilmore thing to do!)


4. Game Night For Two

Play your favorite board games for two! If you don’t have any 2 player board games, change the rules to make them 2 player! Our favorite 2 player game right now is Monopoly Deal!


5. Picnic

For an extra low-key night, set up a picnic in the living room or somewhere outside! Super simple, but it shakes things up!

Waterproof Picnic Blanket


6. Conversation Cards / Would You Rather

A fun way to spend the evening is with conversation cards or by playing Would You Rather! And, if you aren’t up for having deep conversation that night, you can always stick with the sillier questions! (“If we were a superhero tag team, what would our powers be?” – Date Night TableTopics)

Date Night TableTopics | OUR MOMENTS Couples | Find Questions Online/on Pinterest


7. Theme Night

Pick a theme and stick to it throughout the night! Whether that’s with our meal, attire, games, etc! Theme ideas could include: Decades, Your Fav TV Show, Fire & Ice, Cinco De Mayo, Beach Bonfire, Camping (complete with tent!), etc.


8. Blanket Fort & Marshmallow War

#tbt to when you were young and came up with the greatest indoor activities ever. So, grab some blankets, every dining chair you own, and some marshmallows for the best stay at home date ever!

Marshmallow Mini Blaster | Marshmallow Slingbow | Classic Marshmallow Blaster




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