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Wedding rings sit in front of flowers.


Hooray! You have a sparkly, new ring! But, how do you keep that engagement ring looking perfect?! Here’s 5 quick tips to make sure it stays looking beautiful! {This post contains affiliate links}


1. Engagement Ring Cleaner

My first suggestion? Clean that beautiful ring!

Whether it’s at your jeweler’s store or with this handy ring cleaner you can keep in your purse (Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick), keeping that ring sparkly and clean is the first step in making sure that it is well protected!

Wedding rings sit next to flowers.

2. Don’t Wear Your Ring To The Beach

So, this is probably one of the most practical tips as summer approaches. Don’t wear your engagement ring (or any ring worth protecting) to the beach! The sand can get in the prongs and loosen your diamonds and/or it can scratch the metal! Yikes!

But if your finger is feeling a little naked, grab yourself a fake ring off of Amazon, while your engagement ring stays safely inside.

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3. Get Your Ring Resized ASAP

Now we get to the hard one… For real. You just get your brand new engagement ring, you’re on cloud 9, and now you have to send it away!?

Unfortunately, yes. One of the best ways to protect that gorgeous ring, is to make sure it fits correctly. I decided to delay my resizing, and wore one of those metal ring guards. But, I quickly learned it was uncomfortable and not pretty. So, the fix? Get that beauty resized.

Close up of Wedding rings


4.Have Your Ring Checked In-Store After Resizing

Okay. So, I learned this one the hard way! When I got the call that my rings were ready to be picked up after resizing, I rushed in to get them! But, I didn’t have them re-check the stones in the rings before I left. By the time I got home, stones from my wedding band were missing!!!!
We still have no idea were those tiny little diamonds went. (Maybe someone was lucky enough to find one.) But, either way, I had to send my ring off AGAIN, to get the stones replaced. Bummer. Maybe they would have had to send it off again anyways, but at least I wouldn’t have lost the original stones.

5. Get Your Ring Checked Regularly

Similar to the point above, protect that ring! Have it checked for loose stones every six months, get it professionally cleaned every once in a while, etc. Basically, do the things your jeweler tells you to do. You’ll increase the longevity (and sparkle!) of your ring, for sure.







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