The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit | The Basics

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Weddings can be high stress situations or they can be easy, relaxed, and fun! And one of the biggest contributing factors to this is preparation.

I don’t know if you are like me, but it seems the more prepared I am, the less likely it is for something bad to happen. For real. If I spend time preparing, nothing bad happens. But, if I don’t, you can bet something weird will happen. (This is probably why I make a list for everything and over-prepare for everything. Crazy, right?)

So, in my effort to love on you fabulous brides-to-be, I have made a list! *surprise* Complete with everything you could bring on your wedding day and occasionally sassy descriptions. I hope you find this 4 part series helpful! And, if I am missing something, please let me know! I would love it add it!

Food & Water

1. Granola Bars

Everyone will get hungry. Be prepared, so that no one gets hangry.

2. Water

You need to stay hydrated. Bring some bottled water along and keep it in the getting ready room.

3. Straws

Once you have lipstick on, a straw is the best way to drink without smudging your perfect look!

4. A Person

One things that a lot of brides forget to do on their wedding day is to eat! Have someone around (who doesn’t need to be in any of the pictures) who can go get you and your squad some food or whatever else you need!


5. Pain Meds

For that stress headache that your mom will get.

6. Band-Aids

Your flower girls and ring bearer are just kids…

7. Pepto Bismol

Ya know.. just in case.

8. Allergy Medicine

For that out of town family member who might sneeze through the entire ceremony.



9. Tissues

It will be an emotional day.

10. More Tissues

No really. It will be an emotional day.

11. Travel Size Mouth Wash

For those kissing pictures. 😉

12. Blotting Papers

If you are anything like me, you need to bring like 748392478293 of these. #oily

13. Perfume

Smell pretty for that new husband of yours.

14. Travel Size Deodorant

Smell pretty for that new husband of yours.

15. Dental Floss

That granola bar might have plans of its’ own.

16. Feminine Hygiene Products

Life. Happens.


Happy prepping, and thank goodness for Amazon!


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