The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit | Hair and Skin

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The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Weddings can be high stress situations or they can be easy, relaxed, and fun! And one of the biggest contributing factors to this is preparation.

I don’t know if you are like me, but it seems the more prepared I am, the less likely it is for something bad to happen. For real. If I spend time preparing, nothing bad happens. But, if I don’t, you can bet something weird will happen. (This is probably why I make a list for everything and over-prepare for everything. Crazy, right?)

So, in my effort to love on you fabulous brides-to-be, I have made a list! *surprise* Complete with everything you could bring on your wedding day and occasionally sassy descriptions. I hope you find this 4 part series helpful! And, if I am missing something, please let me know! I would love it add it!

Hair & Skin

1. Hair Brush

Napping flower girls = bed heads

2. Hair Spray

To keep everything in place.

3. Makeup

For those last minute touch-ups before portraits.

4. Tweezers

You notice that one of the groomsmen has a uni-brow…

5. Bobby Pins

NECESSITY. And you will lose like 50 of them before lunch.

6. Makeup Removal Wipes

Did you mascara run? You got this.

7. Hair Ties

You never know when you will need one.

8. Bobby Pins

Did I mention that you will need bobby pins? Well, you will need more.

9. Lipstick

Bring the shade that you are wearing for the ceremony.

10. Lip Balm

So your groom’s lips are soft too.

11. Earring Backs

Nothing says wedding day like crawling on a hotel room floor looking for one of these bad boys.

12. Eye Drops

Dry, itchy eyes? Whip out the eye drops.

13. Nail File

You mother-in-law chips a nail, and you can be the hero.

14. Lotion

For your skin hydration needs.

15. Razor

This is for your legs, underarms, or a groomsmen’s neck.

16. Nail Clippers

Also, helpful in the event of a chipped nail.

17. Mirror

If you happen to be somewhere without sufficient mirror space.

18. Hair Gel

Your groom might appreciate this.

19. Bug Repellent

Your wedding video will not be as romantic with you swatting mosquitos.

20. Sunscreen

If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider bringing some.


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