Friday Introductions: The Swedish Chef, Telestrations, and Cooking Gadgets

In order to have a community, you have to make connections and build relationships. Whew. That’s deep, right? But, it’s true! And because I want my business to be founded on genuine relationships, I am sharing my story with you. It’s not earth-shattering or mind-blowing. Just some random facts about me, my husband, and my life. Here we go!



1. Josh knows how to make me laugh. EVERY. TIME.

And, friends, that is hard. (When I want to) I have super-human self control. If I don’t want to be ticklish, I can make myself not be ticklish. Etc. Etc. However, Josh knows the super simple secret to making me laugh. His Swedish Chef impersonation. Yes, that chef from the Muppets who talks funny. Josh mimics him perfectly. And, for reasons unbeknownst to me, it CRACKS ME UP. I cannot control it. And…. this is why we are best friends. <3

{Check out the #reallife highlights on Instagram for a clip of Josh’s Swedish Chef impersonation.}


2. Telestrations is my favorite game!

Why? Because it is the funniest game ever!!! For those who don’t know, telestrations is like a mixture of the childhood game “telephone” (where you whisper a phrase around the circle) and pictonary. And, you HAVE to get it! When you do, invite me over. We’ll have a blast!

Fun Fact: I only knew telestrations as “bearded love” at the very beginning. That was the end result of one of the rounds, so that’s what everyone started calling the game. It took me like a year to learn the real name. Haha.


Here’s the Link! Go buy it on Amazon now!



3. I love cooking gadgets.

No, I don’t cook. But, if it looks like a cool kitchen tool, it’s going in the basket. Because, ya know, maybe this new gadget will make me WANT to cook. Right?


Do we ever use most of them? Nope. But, do I have them just in case? Absolutely. Who knows when I might need to juice a lemon?!? I know I have lemon juice in the fridge… But, what if we have an actual lemon that needs juicing?!?!



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