Friday Introductions: My Street Name & My Horse

In order to have a community, you have to make connections and build relationships. Whew. That’s deep, right? But, it’s true! And because I want my business to be founded on genuine relationships, I am sharing my story with you. It’s not earth-shattering or mind-blowing. Just some random facts about me, my husband, and my life. I hope that you get to know me better and watch our community grow!


1. I have a road named after me.

Yes, it is literally named after me! When I was very young, my family sold a few large sections of land. So, they got the privilege of naming the roads. So, I got a road name! One of the coolest parts is that there are quite a few of us that got road names, and they are all near each other!



2. I almost exclusively drink water.

When I was in 8th grade, my dance instructor told me that I needed to drink water before we went to competition. She talked about how we needed to stay hydrated and sodas wouldn’t do that. (I was currently drinking 3 Mountain Dews a day.) So, I cold turkey quit. You might be thinking, “You must have felt super passionate about staying hydrated!” And, the answer: Not at all. I just stopped. I don’t know why. And, I don’t know how that convinced me. I just did. To this day, I only drink water. My only indulgence is an occasional soy chai tea latte.


3. When I was growing up, my mom was the video game queen.

She would win any game we had. And she could finish any game we had. We thought she couldn’t be beat. She’s retired her crown, but I know if I were to pull out the SNES or N64, she could still probably beat us.


4. I have a horse! Her name is Cheyenne!

Well, she is kind of my horse. My parents bought her for me to ride when I was in high school. (We had 2 other horses at the time.) But, since I do not have a barn or a field, she has obviously stayed with my parents.



5. I really like black olives.

Don’t judge. I bet you have a random food that you can eat by itself… Haha.



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