Friday Introductions: Marathons, Headbands, and Chalk Paint

In order to have a community, you have to make connections and build relationships. Whew. That’s deep, right? But, it’s true! And because I want my business to be founded on genuine relationships, I am sharing my story with you. It’s not earth-shattering or mind-blowing. Just some random facts about me, my husband, and my life. I hope that you get to know me better and watch our community grow!


1. Josh and I have run a marathon.

Yes, people. 26.2 miles. We had been running half marathons regularly. And, we figured, why not? So, we trained from May until September. 6 days a week. We prepared the best we could. And, on our last training run (22 miles), I remember thinking, “Well, I guess we’ll see what happens.” To our surprise, the first 20 miles were easy. We even enjoyed it. So, we were pumped that our first marathon experience was going to be a positive one. Shoot, maybe we would run another one….


And then the sun came out…. And the cramps started setting in…. Not to mention our feet feeling as if they would fall off.


The last 6.2 miles of our marathon felt longer and more painful than the first 20. But, we were SO CLOSE!!! So, my stubbornness set in. (A talent that rarely benefits me. Haha.) I was NOT going to stop running. I had come this far. So, I didn’t stop. And friends, it was literally the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. However, it did make me appreciate the passages in the bible that talk about a running a race.


After that marathon, I rage quit running….. But, at least I can say that I have run a marathon. 🙂


Couple holding medals.
Couple holding sign.


2. I have to buy children’s headbands.

Why? Because my head is so small. Like, when I put adult headbands on, I have a gap on either side of my head. It’s hilarious, but not practical. Plus, kid’s sections are way cuter than adult sections.


3. Chalk Paint in spray cans is amazing.

Really. Amazing. So, since I have found it, I’ve been painting #allthethings. I even think I am going to show some before and afters on the blog. Because chalk paint makes everything look adorable. And, I have a problem.

Woman holding spray paint.



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