5 Books That Every Couple Should Read

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Ooh friends! This is a crazy blog post to be on a photography website, but building a strong and fulfilling relationship with your significant other is just too important! And, these are some of the best resources my husband and I have used over the past 8 years! They’ve not only helped us learn to communicate better, but also understand the biological and emotional differences between us! So, here are our 5 books that every couple should read!



For Women Only book
For Men Only Book

1. For Women Only & For Men Only

If you want to better understand one another, these books are amazing! They discuss the biological and emotional differences between men and women. Plus, they are super short, backed up by so much research, and easy reads! Josh and I actually read these while we were engaged. But, they are so good that we re-read them!

Tip: Read the book about you first! (Women read “For Men Only” and men read “For Women Only.”) As you read, make notes about which parts are true or untrue about you. That way, your partner will have a personalized copy that will more accurately reflect you!

For Women Only | For Men Only



Crucial Conversations book

2. Crucial Conversations

Guys. This is more than a relationship book. In fact, it’s not even specifically a relationship book. But, it’s so crazy good at explaining how to have delicate or hard conversations with others!

So, even though it has quite a few workplace scenarios, it also has discussions on how to have common marital disagreements, and so many tips on how to have hard conversations with grace and understanding.

Crucial Conversations



Love and Respect book

3. Love and Respect

Love and Respect is one of Josh’s favorites. It discusses the innate emotional desires of men and women (Men’s being respect, and women’s being love). And, it helps couples learn that your partner’s emotional needs are different than yours (and sometimes completely foreign to you).

Love & Respect



The 5 Love Languages book

4. The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages are super popular, so you may have heard of them. But, the premise is just so stinkin good that I had to include them. Basically, there are 5 love languages. And, more than likely, you and your partner have a different one! So, the goal of the book is to figure out your love language, so your partner can love you better. And, vice versa!

The 5 Love Languages



The Meaning of Marriage book

5. The Meaning of Marriage

If you are looking for a really dense theological discussion of marriage, this is your book. It’s packed to the brim with amazing insight about marriage through God’s eyes. But, it’s definitely a book you have to chew on a bit.

The Meaning of Marriage




Becoming Us Book

Bonus: Becoming Us

This is actually one of the books that I am hoping to read soon! It’s all about how to use your Enneagram type to better relate to your partner! Not going to lie, I’m super excited to read it!

Becoming Us



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