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I love my brides, and I love to make their photography experience incredibly unique and fabulous! So, what makes my photography different? Here are the reasons #samanthawebberbrides receive the best wedding experience ever.


My Values

Love the Lord & Serve Others Like Jesus

This is really the core of everything I do. To love and serve others like Jesus would. And to point others to Him through my actions and my business.


Honesty & Transparency 

Look, friends. I am not a sales person. Period. Honestly, I hate being sold to, so why would I want to do that to my sweet couples?! Plus, being salesy makes me feel SO. GROSS. So, I’ll always be upfront and real with you. There are never hidden fees, and I will honestly answer any and every question you have!


Provide a Joy-Filled Experience

Because you’re getting married! You deserve to be pampered, laugh a lot, and be given the best experience possible!


Celebrate & Support Your Marriage For the Next 60+ Years

I’m not just going to show up for your wedding and then disappear. I’ll be cheering you two on throughout your marriage! I’ll be present  from day 1, and I will encourage, support, and celebrate your marriage for the next 60 years!



Professional Equipment for Every Situation

Is it raining? I’ve got clear umbrellas. Is it a little dark? I’ve got flash equipment. Is my camera freezing up? I’ve got backups. Is the lighting weird? I’ve got 1000’s of hours of education and experience to make sure your images are amazing. Basically, no matter what happens, I’ve got you, sweet friend!


70 Page SWP Wedding Magazine

It sounds so crazy to say that I have my own magazine, but I do! I have created this magazine especially for my couples, and it is full of my best wedding tips and tricks to make sure you get pictures of your dreams!


Engagement Outfit & Location Guide

Need some outfit and location inspiration? Enter my Engagement Session Style Guide! This 32 page guide walks you through session timing, locations, picking flattering outfits, dress inspiration, coordinating looks with your fiancé, and more!


Effortless & Flattering Posing

Why is it effortless? Because you don’t have to do a thing! I’ll guide you through natural and romantic posing with clear direction and a whole lot of praise! (I’ll tell you how amazing you look like 10359325783 times! And, I’ll even show you too!) Plus, I’ve got all the tips and tricks to flatter your figure and keep your man feeling masculine!


Wedding Day Emergency Kit

From ibuprofen to safety pins, I come to your day prepared! Last month, I legit hemmed a bride’s dress with safety pins 30 minutes before her ceremony. So, if something crazy happens (and it always does), you don’t have to worry! I’ll take care of it!


Personalized Wedding Day Timeline

Dreamy sunset portraits, wedding dress details, family portraits, or party shots. Whatever your priorities are, we will work together to create your perfect timeline, so we can get EVERYTHING that is important to you.


Bridal Detail Styling Kit

Ya know those gorgeous images of wedding invitations laying on a gorgeous background with wedding rings and flowers surrounding them? Well, I’ve got everything to make that happen! I’ve got an embarrassing amount of ribbon, ring boxes, and other details to make your detail shot dreams come true!


Unlimited Communication

I check my email every day. My couple’s emails are the first ones I answer. And, I never put a cap on number of emails because I want you to have images you love.


Quick Gallery Delivery

I waited months and months for my wedding pictures. And, honestly, it was so bleh…. So, I make sure that my couples get their wedding galleries in 4 weeks! Yep! A month! That way, you can relive one of the best days of your life!


How You’ll Feel

Comfortable in Front of My Camera

I get it. It’s awkward being in front of the camera! But, I’ll share a secret with you… Nearly everyone is nervous when being photographed (including me!). You aren’t alone! But, you won’t be nervous for long! After a few minutes of shooting and chatting, I’ll show you the back of my camera. And, once you see how amazing you look, those nervous jitters will be long gone! (Even for your groom!) So get ready to laugh a lot and enjoy every second!


Confident That You’ll Get Amazing Pictures

I will lead you through posing that is flattering for you! Posing is not one size fits all, so I will tailor it to you and your fiancé to make sure you look amazing! Plus, I’ll show you some of the images after a few minutes, and you are going to be floored by how great you two look!


Like You’re Hanging Out With Your BFF

Laughter is one of the main ingredients for my photography. So, you don’t have to worry about me being stiff or hard to talk to. We’ll have such a good time hanging out and capturing your love!


Completely Stress-Free

Stress-free wedding days and engagement sessions are my specialty. I don’t want you to have to worry about ANYTHING. So, I’ll take care of everything. I’ll send you a style guide for your engagement session and your wedding, so you will feel totally prepared for everything! That way, when the day comes, you can relax and enjoy!


Amazed By How Drop Dead Gorgeous You Look On Camera

Girl. I’ve got allll the ways to make sure you look Amazing! No matter your body type, you’ll love the way you look with style tips from my Engagement Style Guide + flattering poses! Plus, your groom will never feel “girly” with my posing!


In Love With Your Husband And Your Images

Your images will reflect YOU and your love story. They will look natural, romantic, and joyful.


Like Your Cheeks Are About to Fall Off From Smiling So Much

I mean, you are getting married!!! What’s not to smile about?!

Plus, I promise to be your all day hype squad to keep the fun going!




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