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Bride holds bouquet and groom's arm.

I’m writing a whole blog of wedding bouquet inspiration for a reason. I had a bouquet of small cream roses. No greenery. No filler. Just an awkward lump of roses (It doesn’t sound quite as awkward as it actually was).


Why? You may ask. Because 1. I wasn’t in the wedding industry yet. I had no idea what bouquets normally looked like. And 2. I didn’t spend any time looking at bouquets before I met with my florist.


So, as soon as she whipped out her big book of bouquets, I got overwhelmed. I shut down. And, I just decided on the simplest and most basic bouquet I could think of.


Small cream roses. Nothing else. I was adamant.


Sweet friend, you don’t have to be like me. Haha.


I want you to find the perfect bouquet. Not only will it be such a gorgeous addition to your bridal look, it will be a prominent part of your wedding portraits that you’ll have forever.


So, here are some gorgeous bouquets for you to look through. Figure out what you like and dislike. Hopefully, these will inspire you to design the bouquet that is perfect for you!


Whites & Creams

A classic choice for any season! Literally. There is a bouquet here from each season. And every time, they complimented the season and style of the wedding. But, you can also add in specific flowers to level up your white bouquet. For example, you can add a king protea to your summer bouquet to give it a little more tropical feel!

Bride holds bouquet and groom's arm.

Bride holds white wedding bouquet.

Bride holds wedding bouquet.
Bridal party holds cream and blue flowers.

Muted Tones

Whites and muted tones are my favorite colors for light and airy brides. So, muted florals (like blush) make my heart flutter a little on wedding days. These can be used any time of year, but are perfect for spring and fall.

Bridal bouquet close up shot

Closeup of bridal bouquet.
Bride holds blush bouquet.

Closeup of bridal bouquet.


Bright & Light

Goodness. The pop of color in these bouquets draw your eye in immediately. The bright and light bouquets are very summery since they usually have colors that remind you of lemonade flavors (strawberry lemonade anyone?!)

Closeup of pink and white bridal bouquet.

Bride and bridesmaid's bouquets.
Bride holds wedding florals.


Bold Accents

Fall and winter weddings usually contain florals with bolder accents. They are sure to draw your attention and make a statement!

Bride holds bouquet in front of her.
Bride holds flowers at sunset.

Bride holds wedding bouquet.


Having bouquets made entirely of greenery is so unique and fun! If you are looking for something chic and simple, this might be the option for you!

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