Fall Couples Session at Hummel Park | Betsy, Mark, and Annie

Couple plays with goldendoodle puppy.

The river stones shifted under Betsy’s feet. She smiled as she held Annie, the goldendoodle, in her lap. She looked at Mark, her husband during their couples session at Hummel Park.


She was so thankful for this little family of hers. A handsome, supporting, and adoring husband. And an adorable pup that loved (and licked) them both to pieces. She thanked God every day for her blessings. And, she couldn’t imagine her life without them.


Betsy smiled again. She lifted Annie and kissed her on the head. Annie yipped in excitement and jumped between their laps. Mark laughed. And, he leaned over and kissed Betsy on the temple.


Okay, guys. Get ready for the cutest session EVER. Annie is not only the life of the party, but she is adorable!!!! She also may have upstaged Betsy and Mark, but only barely. 😉


Betsy and Mark,

You two are so sweet and kind! You are obviously best friends, and Annie is the perfect addition to your little family! (And, sooooo adorable and fun! Hit me up if you need a pup-sitter! <3 )

But, seriously, thank you so much for spending the evening with me! You two are so much fun, and I am so thankful to be able to celebrate your new, fluffy addition!

Annie will grow up so quickly, so I’m so glad you have sweet memories of her time as a pup!




Couple and puppy sit on log and smile.
Goldendoodle puppy stands on rocks while couple kisses behind.

Puppy sticks tongue out and looks to side.

Woman kisses golden doodle puppy.
Couple smiles while holding goldendoodle puppy.

Couple smiles while adorable goldendoodle puppy.

Couple kisses while holding goldendoodle puppy.
Puppy plays while parents hold her.

Couple and goldendoodle puppy sits on log.

Goldendoodle puppy looks at camera.
Goldendoodle puppy is walked by couple.

Goldendoodle puppy looks at camera while couple kisses.

Couple cuddles on bridge with goldendoodle puppy.
Couple kisses while puppy sits in lap.

Couple stand and holds puppy in arms.

Couple walks goldendoodle puppy on bridge.
Couple sits on log with puppy in lap.

Couple plays with goldendoodle puppy.

Couple walks puppy along bridge.
Puppy walks along bridge as couple kisses behind her.

Couple looks at puppy while holding him on bridge.

Couple walks puppy along bridge at sunset.
Couple holds puppy in field.

Couple walks puppy at sunset.

Couple walks puppy in field at sunset.
Couple smiles at camera while holding puppy on bridge.

Couple lifts puppy while sitting in field.
Goldendoodle puppy holds leaf in mouth.


Location for Mark and Annie’s Session at Hummel Park

Hummel Park in Plainfield, Indiana



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