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You may hear other brides and photographers talking about bridal portraits. And, you may ask yourself: Do I Need Bridal Portraits?

And, like every good wedding-related question, it depends on you! Your personality and your priorities play a huge part in if bridal portraits are right for you! So, here are 4 of the biggest reasons bride’s take bridal portraits. Hopefully, this will help you make your decision! Enjoy!


1. Save Time on Your Wedding Day

One of the greatest wedding day benefits of taking bridal portraits beforehand is that you can save time! By taking the majority of your bridal portraits before the wedding, you will save 20-60 minutes of portrait time on your wedding day! And then, you can allot that time to other portraits, shorten your wedding day timeline, or schedule in some extra relaxation time!


Bride stands in front of large windows.
Bride holds flowers and smiles at camera.

2.Have Gorgeous Portraits to Display at Your Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding where there were portraits of the bride on display at the reception? This is how she did it! She did a bridal session before the wedding! It’s such a beautiful and classic way to add some décor to the room!



Bride smiles over shoulder at sunset.

3. Get a Day of Pampering

Let’s be honest. Bridal sessions are fun! You get to have your hair and makeup done, you get to dress up in one of the most gorgeous dresses ever, and you get to take pictures like you’re a princess. Basically, you get a day of everyone telling you how amazing you are inside and out. I’m down, are you?



4. See Your Complete Bridal Look

This is a big one! When you do a bridal session, you are able to see your complete bridal look before the wedding! You’ll have your jewelry, hair, makeup, shoes, dress, flowers, everything! It’s such a stress-reliever to know that your entire ensemble is flawless from top to bottom! And, if you decide you want to tweak something, you have the time to do it!



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