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The Story of Us

Everyone loves a love story. Whether the story boasts of great feats to preserve love or soft moments that lead to romance, we all just love love. Actually, one of the first things I ask my couples is how they met! To me, it is such a good way to get to know them and their relationship! I especially like when they both tell “their side” of the story! haha.

Josh and I get asked about our love story all the time. It’s just one of those questions you ask couples. Ya know.. “So, how did you two meet?” It comes up a lot! We love telling it {and we have our sides of the story too. ;)}. So, we decided it would be fun to share it with you! Now, I will warn you, it’s quite a ride. So, hang on and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Part 1: Formalities and Foundations

Part 2: Walking Through the Awkward

Part 3: Vanilla Twilight

Part 4: A Woman’s Intuition

Part 5: An Unexpected Twist

Part 6: The Broken Streak

Part 7: That Time We Almost Died

Part 8: Just a Kiss Goodnight

Part 9: Scream it from the Rooftops

Part 10: Brave the Skies

Part 11: More Than A Friend


A Woman’s Intuition

October was almost over. Mid-terms were finished and fall was in full force. Halloween decorations lined neighborhood streets. The pumpkin patch was busier than ever. Sweaters and scarves were an every day fashion choice for Samantha. This was her favorite time of year. She sat talking to one of her closest friends, Christian. The topic of choice: Josh.

They talked about all of their conversations recently, how much flirting was going on, his character, and how much Samantha liked him. Ya know, all of the things a best girl friend needs to know. And, as they were talking, Samantha became more and more convinced. She turned to Christian. She seemed oddly confident in what she was about to say. “I’m going to marry him, Christian. I’m going to be Mrs. Samantha Webber.”

It sounded crazy. Samantha knew it did. Only insane, psycho girlfriends say those types of things, right? They weren’t dating. They hadn’t kissed. They were nothing but friends. But, somehow, she knew. She was sure.

couple smiles at camera - a woman's intuition
Man and woman face time.



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