This was their last chance. They had spent a year undergoing in vitro, and this was the last of 16 embryos. There had been so many tears and a whole lot of needles. But, they were hopeful. They were strong. And, they trusted in God. So, they took a deep breath and prayed.   What […]

She held her father’s arm tightly. She looked up at him. He smiled gently back at her. “This is real life,” she said. They started walking towards her beautiful Community Life Center Wedding.   Now, she could see the doors leading to the ceremony. She was about to get married to her fiance, her best […]

Tears wet his cheeks as he waited. As he tried to wipe them away, they were immediately replaced by more. He stood at the front of the room at his Valle Vista Country Club Wedding. He could see his family sitting before him. They were all smiling and crying, just like him. The anticipation grew […]

This is one of my FAVORITE blog posts all year!!! The Best of Weddings and Couples 2017 is here!!! All the laughter, all the details, all the sweet moments!!! And even though it takes a long time to go through all the images, I have so much fun doing it!!! This year, I was able […]

Wow!! We are already doing the Best of Seniors and Portraits 2017!!! This year has flown by, like, for real!!! But, no matter how fast it seemed to go, it has been AMAZING!!! The seniors and clients that I have been blessed to work with this year are ALL so fun loving and incredibly sweet!! They truly made […]

We were tired.We had stayed up late the previous night, and our car was filled to the brim with belongings. We were ready. Well, as ready as we could be. Leaving Indiana would be one of the hardest things we have ever done. The relationships that we had built were invaluable and life changing. But, […]

  Rain rhythmically hitting the windows. Thunder rolled in the distance. And the sky was dark and overcast. But, joy filled the air. Laughter abounded. And smiles were given freely. Jenna and Robbie must have received the most luck ever for the amount rain that fell during their winter wedding at the Purgatory Golf Club. And the […]

Our fingers and toes were numb. Each of our legs were shaking. Our bodies wanted desperately to find warmth. And still, laughter filled the at during Krystyna and John’s Fall Engagement Session at Heritage Lake. Along with the beautiful sunset, Krystyna and John were glowing with joy. They cuddled for warmth as we finished our […]

  His hands shook. He had not been nervous until this very moment. His heart was beating faster and faster as the anticipation grew. He waited to see his bride for the first time for their Navy and Gray Wedding at The Cardinal Room. He had just seen her the day before. They were both […]

I was thrilled to spend Saturday afternoon with Lindsey and Joey for their Hundred Acre Wood Engagement Session. To prevent any confusion, we did not travel to the magic land of “Winnie the Pooh!” (I wish!!) The Hundred Acre Wood is a large, wooded park connected to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Lindsey and Joey […]