The summer air was warm. Music filled the amphitheater and gardens which were now shaded thanks to the clouds. Joseph re-buttoned his jacket. He steadied himself for a moment before walking down the stairs. He could see his parents, his family, and his friends. And, they were all smiling up at him as he stepped […]

The rain pattered on the ground. The umbrella that Sam was holding tried to float upwards in the wind. But, he held it firmly in place. Personally, he didn’t mind getting wet. But, he held it there for a special reason. Ashley. He was holding if for their Downtown Indianapolis Couples Session And, as she […]

Water splashed as Kevin rowed the kayak across Elkhart Lake. He was headed towards the beach on the other side of the lake. The birds were singing in the trees that surrounded the lake, and the sunshine seemed to beckon him towards his destination. But, the sun wasn’t what was causing him to sweat at […]

The summer breeze hit Taylor’s face as she turned. The faces of her family and friends beamed as they clapped and cheered. She looked to her right. Her best friends were laughing and smiling along with the crowd. She turned to her right. Luis, her best friend, her husband, looked back at her. A tear […]

Music played as Tony and Alicia swayed back and forth. He pulled her closer. He could see everyone in the room watching as they spun in the middle of the dance floor. Sniffles could be heard from the wedding party table as he caught a glimpse of his best friends. He looked down to see […]

This was their last chance. They had spent a year undergoing in vitro, and this was the last of 16 embryos. There had been so many tears and a whole lot of needles. But, they were hopeful. They were strong. And, they trusted in God. So, they took a deep breath and prayed.   What […]

She held her father’s arm tightly. She looked up at him. He smiled gently back at her. “This is real life,” she said. They started walking towards her beautiful Community Life Center Wedding.   Now, she could see the doors leading to the ceremony. She was about to get married to her fiance, her best […]

Tears wet his cheeks as he waited. As he tried to wipe them away, they were immediately replaced by more. He stood at the front of the room at his Valle Vista Country Club Wedding. He could see his family sitting before him. They were all smiling and crying, just like him. The anticipation grew […]

This is one of my FAVORITE blog posts all year! The Best of Weddings and Couples 2017 is here! All the laughter, all the details, all the sweet moments! And even though it takes a long time to go through all the images, I have so much fun doing it! This year, I was able […]

Wow! We are already doing the Best of Seniors and Portraits 2017! This year has flown by, like, for real! But, no matter how fast it seemed to go, it has been AMAZING! The seniors and clients that I have been blessed to work with this year are ALL so fun loving and incredibly sweet! They truly made […]

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