Jewel-Toned Summer Wedding in Lafayette | Taylor and Luis

Wide shot of Wedding ceremony

The summer breeze hit Taylor’s face as she turned. The faces of her family and friends beamed as they clapped and cheered. She looked to her right. Her best friends were laughing and smiling along with the crowd. She turned to her right. Luis, her best friend, her husband, looked back at her. A tear ran down his cheek. It was a look she would never forget. A look of pure joy. And, that look was all for her. Luis gently took her by the hand. Her maid of honor, Brooke, gave her her bouquet. And they walked up the aisle of their summer, jewel-toned wedding. Finally, they were husband and wife.


“It was a look she would never forget. A look of pure joy.”


Taylor and Luis’ wedding was amazing for many reasons. But, one reason stood out… And, it captivated their guests and was shared by their family and friends. Their wedding was emotional. From Taylor’s mother helping her with her veil to the reception speeches. The tears and laughs flowed freely on that day. And, there isn’t anything more beautiful than that. Two souls becoming one in a day full of overwhelming joy. And, friends, that’s what marriage is about. Finding that overwhelming joy in every day. And, being thankful that you can spend your life with your best friend.


Taylor and Luis,

You have told me before that you can’t wait to spend your lives together as best friends. Well, you two, that day has come! And I couldn’t be more excited! Your kindness has always spoken volumes to me , but, like I said above, your emotional wedding day proved moreover that you two are meant to be together. Every second told the story of your love. And through the laughs and the tears, it was a day you (and I) will never forget! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Medrano! Here’s to the next 50 years!


Bride holds bouquet in front of her.
Wedding invitations sit on veil.

Bridal details sit on veil.

Bridal party pops confetti
Wedding dress hangs on wood planks.

Bridal party holds bouquets.

Engagement ring sits in blue box.
Bride reads letter from groom.

Wedding rings balance next to flowers.

Groom shows off wedding suit.
Maid of honor buttons bride's dress.

Wedding details beautifully arranged.

Wedding dress hangs on outside wall.
Bride waits for first look.

Father hugs bride.
Bridesmaids help bride get ready.

Groom shows off new watch.
Bride looks over shoulder.

Bride looks down.

Bridal party smiles at camera.
Lace buttons on back of wedding dress.

Bride and bridesmaids laugh.

Groomsmen laugh together.

Bridal party walks together.
Bride smiles at camera.

Foliage in the shape of an "m"

Bride looks down at bouquet.
Bride and bridesmaids walk together.

Bridal party laughs together.
Closeup of wedding invitation.

Groomsmen smile at camera.
Wedding invitation suite lays on veil.

Wedding gown lace buttons

Bride laughs with friends.
Bride and bridesmaids laugh and walk.

Wide shot of Wedding ceremony

Groom cries as bride walks down aisle.
Bride walks down aisle.

Bride and groom stand at altar.

Bride and groom during wedding ceremony.
Groom smiles during wedding ceremony.

Wedding party prays during ceremony.

Bride and groom walk up the aisle.
Bride and groom lean in for kiss.

Wedding party smiles at camera.

Bride laughs while holding flowers.
Wedding party laughs and walks.

Bride and groom walk together.

Bride and groom kiss.
Groom kisses brides cheek.

Engagement ring sits in blue box.

Bride and groom laugh with wedding party.
Bride and groom kiss under veil.

Wedding party poses for pictures.

Bride smiles at camera.
Bride and groom smile at each other.

Bride and groom walk along path.

Groom lead bride along.
Bride laughs towards camera.

Wedding details sit on veil.

Bride and groom share a kiss.
Bride and groom smile for pictures.

Bride and groom lean in and kiss.

Bride looks down at bouquet and smiles.
Groom twirls bride.

Bride and groom under veil.

Geode wedding cake
Groom dips bride at wedding reception.

Bride and father dance.

Bride and groom dance.
Flowers at wedding reception.

Groom and mother dance.

Navy geode wedding cake.
Bride and groom feed each other cake.

Wedding rings sit on velvet box.

Groom kisses bride's forehead.
Bride and groom snuggle in field.

Bride and groom lean in for kiss in field.

Bride and groom walk and kiss.
Bride and groom snuggle.

Bride and groom go in for kiss.

Groomsmen dance.

Bride and brother dance.
Mother of groom dances.

Bride and groom dance.


Look back at Taylor and Luis’ Engagement Session!


The Fabulous Team for Taylor & Luis’ Jewel-Toned Wedding

Venue: Courtyard Lafayette

Second Photographer: Mackenzie Blanchette

Videographer: Real Media & Productions

Makeup Artist: Faces by Dolote

Hair Artist: Brooke Wilson Hair

Florist: Lafayette’s Flowers

Bridal Gown: Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Gowns: David’s Bridal

Groom’s and Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Catering: Courtyard Lafayette

Cake Artist: Mawmaw’s Sweet Shoppe

Entertainment: DJ Connection

Invitations: Shutterfly



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