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When should my photographer arrive on the wedding day? Do they arrive in time for portraits? Do I want pictures of hair and makeup?

These are tough questions. Because you don’t want to miss anything, and you want your story told! Well friends, I (and my brides) believe there is so much to the beginning of the wedding day that deserves to be captured! Those small moments that lead up to marrying your best friend. So, here are the top 5 reasons to have your photographer arrive early on your wedding day.


1. The Party

The room is always buzzing at the beginning of the wedding day. Music is playing, your best friends in the world are all in one place, and the party has begun! It is one of the few times during the day where everyone’s guard is down, and you are completely free to be silly and just enjoy the time! So, there is no better time to get some cute candids of you and your tribe being together!

2. The Details

Oh, the details. Those little things that you hand-picked because they describe you and your love perfectly. From your invitations to your dress, they are the things that help make your vision come to life. And, the more time your photographer has to capture these details, the more ways they can incorporate them into your wedding day story.

3. That GQ Moment

You know those images. The ones where the guy is sitting on the edge of a chair. His suit is on and he’s looking out a window somewhere. Those are the images I’m talking about. And they are so classic and debonair!

And, all that magic is usually captured in the guy’s getting ready room. After the pictures of him getting ready with his friends, we sit down and grab some of those images that you will love!

4. Less Stress

Let’s be honest, no one wants their wedding day to be stressful. We all want it to be relaxed, fun, and full of joy! So, having your photographer arrive early means that you don’t have to stress about portraits starting as soon as they get there. The photographer will arrive during a time when everyone is still getting ready and no one is on a rigid schedule yet. It’s just easier to let yourself relax when you can see that they are already taking care of everything.

5. Cue the Confetti

This is one of my favorite reasons to arrive early on a wedding day. The confetti and robe shots. They are just one more way to add a little spark of excitement to your wedding day. And, to be honest, everyone LOVES it. So, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. <3


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