Engaged couple kiss on downtown brick street.
The light rain hit the pavement as we walked through downtown Zionsville. Everything seemed to shimmer as the light reflected off of the rain. The anticipation of the session grew and grew as we arrived at our first location. We stood under an awning to talk about our plan before we stepped out to start the session…..


Taylor and Luis’ Autumn Rain Engagement Session in Zionsville was anything but ordinary. The calm rain throughout the downtown area provided a unique opportunity for a lot of laughs and a cute, clear umbrella! Taylor’s best friend, Brooke, also joined us for the session, and, friends, it was a blast!


Downtown Zionsville was our first location for Taylor and Luis’ Engagement Session. If you have not been to downtown Zionsville, it is a must. Cute shops and restaurants line the brick pavement of Main Street, and the majority of the shops and houses are also adorned with adorable picket fences. Taylor and Luis specifically picked this location because of its’ quaint charm and character.


During the shoot, our first priority was to keep Taylor and Luis dry! So the clear umbrella was our go-to accessory! The umbrella was passed between Luis and Taylor’s best friend, Brooke, throughout the session. In many of the images, Brooke is holding the umbrella right outside of the frame, so Taylor and Luis wouldn’t get wet! {And she did an AWESOME job! I really don’t know what we would have done without her help!}


Despite the rain continuing, we spent most of our session in the downtown area because it was so perfect. And these images are some of my favorite engagement pictures to date! Taylor and Luis had to stay close while under the umbrella, and it made the images so romantic and dreamy! Plus, the extra shine on the streets added such an airy effect to the town!!!


After such a fun time in Zionsville, we decided to go ahead and drive to our second location, Coxhall Gardens. On our way there, it started to rain a little heavier. As a result, we decided to head to the amphitheater at the gardens and take portraits under the beautiful stone gazebo. However, there was a surprise engagement happening at the gazebo when we arrived!!! We decided to let them have some time alone, and we walked to the Coxhall Mansion to take a few portraits in the meantime. After the surprise engagement was complete {Yay for them!}, we finished our session at the stone gazebo!


This autumn rain engagement session in Zionsville proved to be so much better than any of us anticipated! Taylor and Luis laughed so much during this session, and Brooke brought the music and the jokes! Overall, I am in love with these pictures and this couple! I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next year! They are so incredibly sweet to one another, and I am so glad that I was able to capture this special time for them!


Engaged couple smiles under umbrella in downtown.
Engaged couple look down while smiling.
Engaged couple kisses under umbrella.
Bride softly smiles during engagement pictures.
Bride and groom hug on brick street.
Bride smiles at camera and groom leans on her.
Engaged couple face away from camera on downtown street.
Engagd couple puts foreheads together under unbrella.
Bride smiles at camera during engagement pictures.
Engaged couple kiss while in ampitheatre.
Engaged couple snuggles on downtown street.

Engagement ring on bride's finger.

Engaged couple touches forheads while facing away from camera.
Engaged couple holds each other and laughs.
Engaged couple kiss on downtown brick street.
Engaged couple smile at camera while in ampitheatre.
Groom leans bride back and kisses her.
Bride and groom smile while looking down.
Groom leans bride back during engagement pictures.
Engaged couple kisses on downtown brick street.

Bride and groom laugh during urban engagement pictures.

Bride smiles while groom holds umbrella.

Bride smiles at camera while groom smiles at her.

Engaged couple kiss on downtown street.
Bride and groom laugh under umbrella.
Bride and groom look down as they cuddle.
Bride laughs towards camera while groom holds umbrella.
Bride and groom kiss under umbrella on downtown street.
Bride holds onto groom as they snuggle.
Hair Artist: Brooke Wilson Hair



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