Downtown Indianapolis Couples Session | Samantha Webber Photography

Downtown Indianapolis Couples Session | Ashley and Sam

Guy lifts girl in rain.
The rain pattered on the ground. The umbrella that Sam was holding tried to float upwards in the wind. But, he held it firmly in place. Personally, he didn’t mind getting wet. But, he held it there for a special reason. Ashley. He was holding if for their Downtown Indianapolis Couples Session And, as she smiled up for him, he knew he would hold that umbrella for a thousand years, just to see that smile. Just to see her laugh. Just to see her.


As she smiled up for him, he knew he would hold that umbrella for a thousand years, just to see that smile.


Ashley and Sam’s session was a downtown dream. The architecture, the the blooms, and the weather made everything about their session perfect. Now, you may not see rain as the perfect weather, but how else do you get amazingly cute umbrella pictures?! Plus, the umbrella made sure that Ashley and Sam had to stay very close for a while. 😉


Ashley and Sam,
I absolutely loved taking your couples portraits! We had such a blast wandering around, and the images of you two are some of my favorites! Thank you for allowing me to tell the beginning of your love story. I can’t wait to see how it ends. <3


Guy lifts girl in front of Indiana Capital Building.
Couple snuggles under stone pillars.

Couple laughs next to lavender bushes.

Girl leans forward and smiles.
Couple cuddles on bridge.

Couple holds hands and laughs together.

Couple snuggles downtown under umbrella.
Couple leans in for a kiss.

Guy kisses girl on cheek.

Couple holds hands and snuggles.
Couple kisses under umbrella.

Couple smiles at camera.

Couple laughs and cuddles.
Couple kisses under stone pillars.

Guy lifts girl in rain.

Couple walks under umbrella.
Couple looks at each other.

Couple holds hands and laughs.

Couple leans in for a kiss.
Downtown Indianapolis Couples Session

Couple kisses in front of Indiana State building.

Couple snuggles at Indiana state building.
Couple walks and holds hands.

Couple smiles

Girl laughs while cuddling with guy.
Couple poses for camera.

Couple sits and snuggles.

Couple leans in for kiss under columns.
Couple leans in for kiss under umbrella.

Couple kisses in lavender.

Locations for Ashley & Sam’s Downtown Indianapolis Couples Session:

Indianapolis Canal Walk



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