Palm Coast Anniversary Session | Tricia and Dustin

Couple kisses on beach rocks at sunset.
The wind whipped her skirt back and forth. The waves crashed against the rocks where she stood while the sea spray hit her skin. Her hand held tightly onto Dustin’s. With a soft smile, she leaned her forehead against his. It had been 15 years since they got married. And, so much had changed. They had 4 beautiful children. They each had finished college and maintained amazing careers. But, standing at their Palm Coast anniversary session, there was one thing that hadn’t changed. Them. Though their love had grown with the seasons of their life, they remained constant. They were best friends, and they always would be.


Tricia and Dustin’s session reminded me why I love doing anniversary pictures. It is not only celebrating my couple’s wedding date, but it is celebrating their marriage. The consistency of their love over time. It is a declaration that they have kept their vows and are still best friends. And with this session, they are not only celebrating their love. But, they are creating an amazing heirloom to pass down to their children. A way to remind them of how their parents treated and cared for one another.


Tricia and Dustin,
You to are all sorts of #relationshipgoals. I hope that my own marriage is just as strong and blessed as yours at 15 years. And, I pray that your next 15 years are even better. Happy anniversary, you two!


Couple stands on rocks by sea.
Couple cuddles by ocean.

Couple cuddles in palm trees patch.

Couple cuddles next to sea.
Couple holds hands in front of palm trees.

Couple kisses on beach rocks.

Couple hugs by ocean.
Couple snuggles on beach rocks.

Couple holds hands at sunset by ocean.

Couple smiles at camera by ocean.
Husband and wife cuddle in palm grove.

Husband and wife hug in palm grove.

Husband and wife touch foreheads.
Couple walks together down boardwalk.

Couple snuggles on beach.

Couple looks at each other while holding hands.
Husband and wife cuddle near palm grove.

Couple stands on beach rocks.

Couple walks by seaside.
Couple goes in for kiss.

Couple holds hands.

Couple looks at camera and smiles while walking.
Couple kisses near palm grove.

Couple holds hands by beach rocks.

Couple walks down beach.
Man and woman almost kiss.

Couple cuddles in tall grass.

Couple cuddles on beach at sunset.
Couple hugs near palm grove.

Couple hugs at ocean.

Couple kisses during beach sunset.
Man lifts woman up at beach.

Couple kisses on beach rocks at sunset.



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