Coxhall Gardens and Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Wedding | Tavonna and Joseph

Bridal Earrings sit on ceremony program.

The summer air was warm. Music filled the amphitheater and gardens which were now shaded thanks to the clouds. Joseph re-buttoned his jacket. He steadied himself for a moment before walking down the stairs. He could see his parents, his family, and his friends. And, they were all smiling up at him as he stepped closer to the altar. He was about to get married. He smiled as the rest of the wedding party entered his Coxhall Gardens and Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Wedding. His heart beating faster and faster.


“He didn’t want to miss a second. He wanted to remember the first day of the rest of his life.”


And then, the music changed. Joseph knew that Tavonna appear any second. His eyes didn’t move from the top of the staircase. Waiting to see his best friend, his bride. He didn’t want to miss a second. He wanted to remember the first day of the rest of his life. The day that he and Tavonna pledged their love before God. The day they became one. Joseph took a deep breath as he saw movement the top of the stairs. The archway was suddenly filled. Tavonna and her father had stepped forward. A smile broke across Joseph’s face. Tavonna smiled back.


Tavonna and Joseph,

You two. Where do I start? I knew that I couldn’t wait for your wedding from day one. Your calm spirits and love for God radiated during our first meeting. And, even more, your genuine hearts and desire to love those you picked to be a part of your wedding day was evident. So, I knew your wedding day would be special. Because two beautiful souls were being joined and knit together to forever serve and glorify God. And what a joyous occasion it was. So, here’s to forever, Mr. and Mrs. Kako! May the Lord bless your love and use it to make you more like him.



Rose gold heels sit on invitations.
Closeup of wedding invitation.

Bridal Earrings sit on ceremony program.

Engagement ring sits next to details
Wedding dress hangs in tree

Close-up of wedding invitaions

Bridal bag sits on invitations.
Bride smiles at camera.

Close-up of groom's attire.

Groom sits on steps and looks over shoulder.
Wedding invitations sit on cloth.

Engagement ring sits next to invitations

Groom smiles at camera.
Groom smiles as he walks down stairs.

Wedding invitation suite.

Bride twirls wedding dress.
Bride holds flowers.

Groom walks into reception.

Groom smiles when he sees the bride.
Bride walks in with father.

Coxhall Gardens and Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Wedding

Wedding ceremony at Coxhall Gardens.
Bride and groom kiss at ceremony.

Groomsmen smiles during wedding.

Bride and groom walk out from ceremony.
Bride and groom laugh together.

Groom kisses bride's forehead.
Cream rose bouquet.

Groom twirls bride at ceremony site.
Groom sits and laughs towards camera.

Bride twirls her dress in garden.

Bride and groom snuggle close.
Bride and groom kiss on ledge.

Engagement ring and flowers.

Bride and groom hug next to lake.
Groom pulls bride in close.

Bride and groom smile as they walk.

Bride and groom lean in and kiss.
Bride twirls in garden.

Groom buttons suit.

Bride and groom look at camera.
Groom hugs bride from behind.

Bride and groom kiss while walking.

Groom looks off to side.
Bride and groom walk through ceremony.

Bride and groom walk across ledge.

Bride and groom walk through garden.
Bride and groom touch foreheads in front of stairway.

Bridal bag sits on details.

Bride and groom kiss with veil in front.
Bridesmaids help bride get ready.

Glass garden pavilion with fountain

Groom and groomsmen walk together.
Bridal party fluffs bride's dress.

Bridal party laughs and walks.

Bride and groom touch foreheads.
Wedding party hugs bride and groom.

Floral centerpieces on reception tables.

Bride and bridesmaids walk and laugh.
Large stone fountain in garden.

Reception tables for wedding.

Garden pavilion wedding reception
Flower centerpieces at reception.

Wedding cake hangs from ceiling.

Wedding cake sits on hanging table.
Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion

Bride and groom sit at reception table.

Bride and groom dance at reception.
Bride and groom cut cake.

Bride and groom dance.

Bride hugs father.
Bride and groom sit at head table.

Groom and groomsmen give speech.

Groom and mother dance.
Wedding guests at reception.

Wedding guests dance.

Bride hugs friend at reception.
Bride and friends dance.

Bride and bridesmaids dance.

Bride and groom dance at reception.
Groom dips bride during sparkler exit.

Groom twirls bride during sparkler exit.



The Fabulous Vendor Team for Tavonna & Joseph’s Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion Wedding

Ceremony Venue: Coxhall Gardens

Reception Venue: The Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion

Getting Ready Venue: Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel

Videographer: Suzanne Delawar

Makeup Artist: Ivy Pierce

Hair Artist: Stephen Chatman

Florist: Kristie Ramirez

Bridal Gown: Beloved Brides

Catering: Ritz Charles

Cake Artist: Ritz Charles

Entertainment: DJ Ron

Invitations: Minted

Jeweler: Indy Facets




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