Intimate, Greenery-Inspired Wedding in Wisconsin | Wendy and Andy

Bride holds bouquet.

The sun warmed their backs as the cooler evening breeze rustled the trees. Summer was almost over. And, the setting sun reveled a few Wisconsin trees were contemplating a color change. Wendy’s hand tightened around Andy’s. They were now married, husband and wife. After so many years waiting for this moment, it was official. Tomorrow, their greenery-inspired wedding celebration would continue as they rejoined their friends and family for the reception. But, for today, they could bask in this moment. A quiet evening with their closest family and each other.


Wendy and Andy,

Congratulations, you two! Your laid-back, fun personalities [and your wedding party ;)] made your wedding day so amazing! Plus, I cannot thank you so much for having me come all the way from Florida! It meant so much to me to be able to celebrate with you two and meet you after being Insta-friends for so long! You two are such a perfect fit for one another, and I cannot wait to see where the next 50 years takes you! <3


Wedding dress hangs in willow tree.
Bride looks down over shoulder.

Mom buttons bride's dress.

Closeup of groom's attire.
Bride smiles at camera.

Wedding dress hangs in tree.

Groom smiles off camera.
Bride holds bouquet.

Groom's tie.

Bride laughs at camera.

Bride reads vows to groom.

Bride walks down aisle.
Groom reads vows to bride.

Bride and groom at wedding reception.

Music played at wedding reception.
Wedding reception.

Wedding party smiles at camera.

Bride and groom smile at camera.
Bride and groom touch foreheads

Bride holds bouquet.

Bridal party laughs together.
Bride and groom hold hands.

Groom's party laughs together.

Bride and groom walk together.
Bride and bridesmaids laugh together.

Bride holds bouquet.

Wedding party smiles at camera.
Bride and groom lean in for kiss.

Bride smiles at camera while bridal party laughs.

Bride and groom walk through grass.
Groom's party smiles at camera.

Wedding party walks together.

Bridal party walks together.
Bride looks down over shoulder.

Groomsmen strike ninja poses.

Bride and groom pose with service dog.
Bride holds wedding bouquet.

Bride and groom laugh with wedding party.

Bride and groom go in for kiss.
Bride and groom look at each other.

Bride and groom kiss by lake at sunset.

Vendor Team for Wendy and Andy’s Greenery-Inspired Wedding:

Venue – Algoma Club

Officiant: Sara Docken

Hair Artist: Shalene Enz

Entertainment: Auralai




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