Sunrise Engagement Session at Philippe Park | Hailey and Mike

Couple walks together through park.

The sun was rising as the waves lapped against the dock. As it climbed, the sky exchanged its dark blue hues for those of pink and yellow. The moss in the nearby trees swayed from the branches. And, the sound of laughter filled the air. It was early. It was very early. But, Hailey and Mike were already walking along a path during their sunrise engagement session at Philippe Park. And, despite the early hour, Mike’s smile never seemed to waver. Hailey loved his smile. She fell in love with that smile 7 years ago. And, in 6 months, they would finally be man and wife. It was hard to believe that those same eyes that she looked into would soon be her husbands. She reached up to kiss him. She couldn’t wait.


Hailey and Mike,

You two are a blast! From jokes to kindness, you two have it all! Josh and I couldn’t be more thankful that we were able to spend Saturday morning with you. And, I’m still impressed that y’all didn’t even look tired!! You two rocked your session and I cannot wait for your wedding day! *cue the 8 confetti poppers* <3

Couple walks through Philippe Park
Sunrise Engagement Session at Philippe Park

Couple looks at each other in park.

Couple touches foreheads during sunrise at park.
Man lifts woman at park engagement session.

Couple walks next to stone wall.

Couple kisses at park.
Couple walks through park pathway.

Couple hugs at Philippe Park.

Girl looks at camera while fiance holds her.
Couple snuggles at sunrise at park.

Couple walks together through park.

Couple walks together through park.
Couple kisses at sunrise.

Couple holds hands.

Guy lifts girl at park.
Couple looks at each other at park.

Couple cuddles on stone path.

Couple stands on end of dock.
Closeup of engagement ring and watch.

Couples shoes on dock.

Couple walks along downtown path.
Couple leans in for kiss.

Guy kisses fiance's head.

Couple smiles at camera.
Couple stands on downtown path.

Engaged couple leans in for kiss.

Engaged couple stands on downtown path.
Couple sits on stairs.

Couple twirls.

Couple smiles at camera.
Couple cuddles and laughs.

Closeup of ring and watch.

Couple kisses on downtown street.
Groom-to-be kisses fiances forehead.



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