Best Bridesmaid Gifts for 2019

Bride and Bridesmaids laugh together

Ready to pick the Best Bridesmaid Gifts? Here we go!


Bridesmaids  = Your #squad, your tribe, your best friends, and sisters


To put it another way, these are your people! They have laughed and cried with you. They send you double chin selfies. And, if you are having a bad day, they either take you for some retail therapy or you sit down for some ice cream and Netflix.


So, naturally, these are the people that you want to stand by you on one of the biggest days of your life! Because you know that everyone’s excitement level will be a 12/10 and laughter will fill the whole day!  Plus, the “ooh” and “ahhs”, inside jokes, and abundant dance moves are just so fun!


Now, the big question. What do you get these amazing people that is thoughtful, personal, and get them excited?


That’s a big question, right? And, it’s a little overwhelming when you start looking through Etsy. So, I’m here to say, “I got you.” I have complied a quick list of the gits that bridesmaids love and use!


1. Silk Robes

First off, they make you and your girls look fabulous all morning. Because who doesn’t want to look amazing on their wedding day?! However, they are also super functional. If you put them on before getting your hair and makeup done, you are saving yourself from a lot of hassle. Once everyone is ready to put your dresses on, you don’t have to worry about taking off some button down shirt! They also prevent smeared makeup or messy hair! You can still look picture perfect! Plus, silk robes provide some special photo ops. I love, love, love doing confetti shots while my brides are still in their robes! It is such a fun shot that shows the excitement and energy on your wedding day!

Bride and bridesmaids pop confetti.
Bride and bridesmaids laugh in floral robes.

2. Jewelry

Whether you want your girls to wear it to the wedding or you just want to give them something sparkly, jewelry is always an elegant option! There are also so many different things you can give them! You can either pick out pieces that reflect your wedding day aesthetic or personalize them to each girl. Either way, it is sure to be a gorgeous gift.

Wedding Jewelry

3. Tote Bags

I have seen more and more of these recently. And, quite frankly, they are adorable! From monograms to fun patterns, they are a practical gift that everyone can use. You can even include other gifts inside! (One of my favorites is including some dancing shoes for the reception!)

Bridesmaids Tumblers and Totes


4. Tumblers

Bridal party holds personalized wine glasses
Wedding Day Tumblers


5. Bridesmaid Boxes

Okay, so if handpicking each gift intimidates you a little bit, here is your solution! Bridesmaid’s boxes are pretty new. But, if you google it, you will get so many wonderful options! So, basically, you can buy a cute box with multiple gifts pre-assembled for the wedding day! On most Etsy shops, you can even pick which gifts you include in the box. (I have seen all the ones I have listed as options.) And, you can still personalize it to each girl!

Here’s a link to get started! Bridesmaid Boxes


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