Top 10 Details to Have in Your Getting Ready Room

Bridal bag sits on details.

You’ve seen them. Those beautiful bridal detail shots. The invitations are perfectly arranged. The ring is shining in the sunlight. And, you can’t believe how dreamy it all looks! Well, I have good news friend. You can have those same beautiful photos! So, get ready for the Top 10 Details to Have in Your Getting Ready Room, so your photographer can get those dreamy pictures!


(And, luckily, getting those amazing detail shots is super simple! It just requires a little preparation beforehand. All you have to do is gather a few items for your photographer! That’s it! They will take it from there and get you some amazing detail shots!)


1. Dresses & Bridal (Custom) Hangers

This one is obvious, right?! Of course you will bring your wedding gown to the getting ready room! But, it is quite common to forget the custom hangers at home. So, go ahead and put them in the bag with the dress!

Wedding dress hangs from bed.

2. Wedding Shoes

Ladies, if you have fabulous shoes, we might as well take pictures of them! From dazzling pumps to sparkly Kate Spade Keds, let’s make some magic happen!

Rose gold heels sit on invitations.
Wedding shoes and veil


3. 2 Invitation Suites with Envelopes, 2 Programs, and 2 Dinner Menus

Okay, taking pictures of invitation suites is one of my favorite things to do! Why? Because it incorporates so many details from your love story! These pictures give you a glimpse into the whole day and your romance!

Invitation Suite sits on veil.
St. Petersburg Invitation Suites.

4. Bouquets (Talk to your florist)

So, this could easily be called a wedding hack! If you call your florist and have them deliver your flowers to your getting ready space early in the day, this kind of gorgeous can happen! Sometime about a bouquet in detail shots makes everything seem so beautiful!

Wedding Shoes and flowers sit on chair
Shoes, wedding ring, and bouquet

5. Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Other Jewelry

I’m not going to say anything, just look at the picture. <3 <3 <3

Bridal details sit on bridesmaid's dress.

6. Bride and Groom Rings

Of course, this is a must! We have to take pictures of your rings! And, yes, they will look fabulous!

Halo Engagement Ring

7. Veil

Your veil is more important than you think! I use it for backdrops for details, and then they are so gorgeous during portraits!! But, don’t worry if you don’t have one! I bring one with me for every wedding! 😉

Wedding details sit on veil.

8. Bridesmaids Gifts

Photographing bridesmaids opening their gifts is so much fun! The smiles, laughter, and excitement… it’s a highlight of the morning!

Bridal party holds personalized wine glasses
Personalized wedding gits sit in bags

9. Perfume Bottle

If you plan on wearing perfume on your wedding day, bring the bottle! It’s such a romantic addition to the portraits!

Engagement Ring and perfume bottle.
Perfume bottle sits on veil.

10. Any Extras That You Can Think Of

Girl, if you have something you think will be cute, bring it!

Bridal bag sits on details.

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