Bridal Suite Must Haves | What to Look For

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Let’s get real. You and your girls are going to be spending a good majority of the day in your bridal suite. And, there will be a lot of pictures taken there. So, whether it’s in a hotel room or a special room at your venue. Here are some of the best tips for your Bridal Suite Must Haves to make sure you are comfortable and the pictures turn out amazing!

Extra Space

You and all of your best friends are going to share a room for most of a day. So, you will want some extra space to move around in! Large rooms are a big bonus for getting ready! A lot of mirrors is an even bigger bonus!

A big Window

When I do a few bridal shots in the getting ready room, I exclusively use window light. It is soft and shows off your freshly done makeup and hair! The larger the window, the better it is!

Large Bathroom

See the first point for the reason why. 😉

Big Bed

If you are getting ready in a hotel space, look for a big bed! When you have a big bed, you and all of your girls can jump on for the confetti shots!

White/cream walls

We are going for classic and simplistic here. Hotels are notorious for their crazy colors, A white, cream, or other soft color will enhance your pictures instead of take away from them.

Subtle décor

Speaking of décor, keep it simple. Minimalistic rooms are the best. By picking simple and clean rooms, you pictures will highlight you and your friends, not the hotel design.


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