Expecting mother holds belly while sitting on bed.

Friends, this is a very special blog post! I was blessed to be able to capture Malea and Eric’s Nashville maternity session earlier this week! Now, this wasn’t just any maternity session. It is extra special because Malea is my lovely cousin. So, their little boy already has a special place in my heart. <3 […]

expecting mother looks down

This was their last chance. They had spent a year undergoing in vitro, and this was the last of 16 embryos. There had been so many tears and a whole lot of needles. But, they were hopeful. They were strong. And, they trusted in God. So, they took a deep breath and prayed.   What […]

Couple snuggles at Cypress Point Park Maternity Session

  All he could do was smile. As he looked at his beautiful wife, the mother of his children, he thought of the changes that were about to happen. For now, they were standing on a gorgeous beach for their Cypress Point Park Maternity Session. But, his wife was about to give birth. And she was not […]