Nashville Maternity Session | Malea and Eric

Expecting mother holds belly while sitting on bed.

Friends, this is a very special blog post! I was blessed to be able to capture Malea and Eric’s Nashville maternity session earlier this week! Now, this wasn’t just any maternity session. It is extra special because Malea is my lovely cousin. So, their little boy already has a special place in my heart. <3


Now, originally, we had planned for a beautiful outdoor session since it is April! The spring is a lovely time of year in the Southeast! Everything is green and flowering! Our imaginations were running wild with the possibilities. However, the weather decided that it wasn’t ready to let go of its relationship with winter. (I.e. It was snowing just hours before our session.) And so, we moved our session indoors.


And, if I am honest, I loved it! The neutral colors of the bedroom and nursery made the session so cozy and light! It was absolutely perfect, and I am so pleased with how they turned out! And, then, near the end of the session, Malea and Eric agreed to run outside to take a few outdoor shots! They powered through the cold, and they looked amazing doing it! We even found a flowering tree in the neighbor’s front yard! 😉


Overall, it was a wonderful, wonderful session that I will cherish! I loved getting to spend time with family and capturing their memories! Now, we just have to wait for Baby Reising to arrive!


Malea and Eric,

I am so excited for the two of you to embark on this new adventure! You two are so sweet, and I can only imagine how darling your baby boy will be! I look forward to lots and lots of pictures once he arrives! And, I definitely can’t wait to see your mom hold him! (I don’t think anyone is excited as she is!) You two and your growing family are in my prayers! I cannot wait to see how the Lord blesses you! And, lastly, I can’t wait to meet your little guy!


Expecting mother holds belly while sitting on bed.
Expecting mother looks at camera and smiles.

Baby outfit and toy.

Expection mother looks at husband.
Rocking chair and baby sign.

Expecting parents sit on bed and smile.

Expecting mother sits on bed and smiles down.
Expecting parents lean heads together.

Closeup of expecting parents wedding rings.

Expecting paretns sit on bed and hold belly.
Newborn bassenet and decorations.

Expecting parents sit and cuddle on bed.

Expecting mother holds book in front of face.
Expecting mom and dad lean heads together in nursery.

Husband holds baby books.

Expecting parents hold hands.
Expecting parents sit on bed.

Expecting mother sits on bed and smiles at the camera.

Baby onsie and toy
Expecting parents lean in for a kiss.

Expecting parents stand by crib.

Mom holds baby bump while on bed.

Expecting parents kiss under spring blooms
Expecting parents walk down road.

Baby mump with sunset behind.

Expecting parents lean on each other.
Closeup of baby bump and smile.

Expecting parents hold hands and look at each other.

Expecting parents touch foreheads.
Expecting mother holds bump and smiles.

Expecting parents laugh together.

Expecting mom and dad look at camera.
Expecting mom looks at camera and dad looks at her.

Expecting parents hold the bump.

Closeup of the baby bump.
Expecting parents cuddle outside.

Expecting mom looks down and smiles.

Expecting mom leans on husband.
Expecting parents lean in for a kiss under spring blooms.

Expecting mother smiles and leands on husband.

Expecting mom holds bump and smiles.
Closeup of baby bump and smile.

Expecting parents cuddle under flowernig tree.

Expecting parents hold hands.
Expecting mom looks down and holds bump.

Nashville Maternity Session



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