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Your senior year of high school is filled with school activities, applications, and your senior portraits! If you have never had portraits taken before, the process can be intimidating. “What should I bring?” “What should I wear?” “Where should I take them?” All of these questions are legitimate and necessary. As a senior photographer, I have created a list of tips to help you have stress free senior pictures.




Wearing multiple outfits is a great way to express your individuality and exhibit your personality during your senior session. When picking outfits, don’t be afraid to dress it up! Long skirts and dresses flatter the female body. And long pants and closed toe shoes and great for guys! Also, softer tones and neutral pallets usually compliment every skin tone. But, don’t be afraid to add in a bold accessory to make the outfit pop! BONUS: Bring a pair of flip flops to walk around in if you have heels! Save your feet a lot of pain!



If you would like to try and include any props in the session, make sure to bring them with you. Fresh flowers, vintage couches, etc. are all used in senior sessions and help individualize your portraits. However, make sure you talk to your photographer about what you will be bringing, so they can plan accordingly.



I always recommend bring someone with you to your session! They can help you change, carry your things around, etc. It is also useful if that person can make you laugh. Pictures with genuine smiles and laughter are always better!



If it has recently rained before your event, it might be a wise idea to bring towels to wipe off wet areas. No one wants pictures with a wet spot on their clothing.



It is always good idea to bring your makeup with you, so you can do touchups in between shots. Secondly, makeup remover wipes are a must. Makeup Remover sounds counter-productive, but is actually necessary. Say you start to sweat during your shoot, and your mascara runs. Hello makeup remover! This scenario could also happen with rain, river shots, or numerous other events in which a section of your makeup needs to be touched up.



In many cases, senior sessions are a persons first time in front of a camera for an hour or two alone. This can cause anxiety which is completely normal! I still feel anxious of the other side of the camera! Fortunately, photographers are used to this and are pros are getting you to laugh and relax. All you have to do is just that, Relax! The more comfortable you are, the better your pictures will be.

Bonus: If possible, meet with the photographer beforehand, so you have a chance to get to know them and become more comfortable!

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