Winter Maternity Session at Washington Township Park | Abby and Thomas

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This was their last chance. They had spent a year undergoing in vitro, and this was the last of 16 embryos. There had been so many tears and a whole lot of needles. But, they were hopeful. They were strong. And, they trusted in God. So, they took a deep breath and prayed.


What a blessing it is to be writing this blog post! Abby and Thomas’ deep breath was about 9 months ago. And, amazingly, their last embryo became their miracle baby! So, in just 4 short weeks, Abby and Thomas will get to meet their baby girl, Winnie! And, as you can imagine, Abby and Thomas and all of their family and friends are ecstatic! Their has been such a celebration around this little one! It is obvious that she is already loved beyond measure!


And, to be honest, it seems so short a time ago that I was doing Abby and Thomas’ Anniversary Session! At that point, they had just lost another embryo and they were gearing up for their last round on in vitro! And now, we laughed and smiled through their Winter Maternity Session at Washington Township Park talking about their sweet girl and what a blessing she has been!


Also, you might be curious why this session is called a winter session. It IS April. However, Indiana seems to be boycotting spring this year. I mean…. it snowed 3 inches just a few hours after this session. So, I decided to call it a Winter Maternity Session in Washington Township Park. Haha. *Props to Abby for being a trooper in this weather*


Abby and Thomas,

This is the child you have prayed for! I am so humbled to have been apart of your journey, and I am even more excited to see you two as parents! Your love for Winnie is precious and so strong. I cannot wait to see her grow and realize how much of a blessing she is to you! Moreover, I pray that the rest of your pregnancy is flawless and your labor goes smoothly! I look forward to seeing those first pictures of your baby girl in your arms!!


UPDATE: Winnie was born this morning (4/12/2018)! She and Abby are healthy after being born a month early! She must have wanted to meet her parents pretty badly! <3 <3 <3


expecting parents kiss in front of wheat field.
expecting mother holds belly

expecting mom leans on husband and holds stomach

Pregnant mom leans on husband and looks down.
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Expecting parents smile at each other.
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expecting mother holds belly.
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expecting mother leans on husband

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expecting parents laugh

expecting parents hold stomach

expecting mom leans on husband
expecting parents kiss

expecting mother looks down



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