Married couple snuggles in field of pink grass.

Our Anniversary Session at Railroad Park   Dear Josh, Eight years. We’ve been married for 8 years. We have lived in 3 different states, had adventures (and misadventures) in 3 European countries, eaten our weight in chocolate and cheese, ran a full marathon (were we insane???), started countless car dance parties, and have become parents […]

Man twirls wife in field.

The sunlight softened. Kissing the ground. Framing everything it touched with a golden hue. The trees and grass were drenched with the gorgeous light. And, so were Kaleigh and Andrew during their Railroad Park Anniversary Session. Kaleigh looked at Andrew. They had been husband and wife for five years. Five wonderful years. Andrew smiled back. […]

Couple plays with goldendoodle puppy.

The river stones shifted under Betsy’s feet. She smiled as she held Annie, the goldendoodle, in her lap. She looked at Mark, her husband during their couples session at Hummel Park.   She was so thankful for this little family of hers. A handsome, supporting, and adoring husband. And an adorable pup that loved (and […]

Husband dips wife back and kisses her.

The sun warmed Jessica and Tyler’s backs during their Downtown Birmingham Anniversary Session. The city was engulfed in a summery haze behind them. Tyler wrapped his arms around Jessica. Jessica’s eyes closed. Her face softened. He was her safe place.   “Jessica’s eyes closed. Her face softened. He was her safe place.”   She pulled […]

Couple kisses on beach rocks at sunset.

The wind whipped her skirt back and forth. The waves crashed against the rocks where she stood while the sea spray hit her skin. Her hand held tightly onto Dustin’s. With a soft smile, she leaned her forehead against his. It had been 15 years since they got married. And, so much had changed. They had […]

Couple smiles at each other at The Vinoy Renaissance Hotel.

Hey girl! There is a lot of information flying around about engagement photos. But, I feel like some of the most important ones are always missed! Most especially, self love. You need to take care of yourself, so you can enjoy every single second. So, here are 5 Tips for Engagement Photos You’ve Never Heard […]

Couple kisses in front of purple door.

He was nervous. And he couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t finish dinner. He looked at Megan, his girlfriend, as they spent time in one of their favorite cities. Could she tell? Did she know his plan? He had no idea. However, it was going well thus far. It was a beautiful night in […]

Couples stands in cotton field at sunset.

This wasn’t just any cotton field anniversary session. It just so happened to be OUR cotton field anniversary session!! During our move from Indiana to Florida, we spend quite a few days with my parents in Southern Tennessee. While there, Josh and I stumbled across a giant cotton field right down the road! I excitedly asked Josh if […]

Solitaire engagement ring on gray background.

This is one of my FAVORITE blog posts all year! The Best of Weddings and Couples 2017 is here! All the laughter, all the details, all the sweet moments! And even though it takes a long time to go through all the images, I have so much fun doing it! This year, I was able […]

Indianapolis couple snuggles next to Indianapolis river.

Abby met Thomas when she rear ended his car in their high school parking lot. And when Thomas walked into the same choir class that Abby was taking, she was mortified! But as the year went on, they became best friends in that very same choir class, and they eventually started dating. After high school, […]